Words of Wisdom from Anna Lou Pickett

We have a number of videos from the 2008 National Conference that we will be sharing in the next few weeks. To begin with, here is a short 2-minute clip of Ann Lou Pickett, the founder of the National Resources Center for Paraprofessionals. Anna Lou shares how she became interested in paraprofesssionals, some of the early lessons she learned and the important roles that teachers and paraprofessionals play in the classroom. Enjoy!



A blast from the past!!

Hi Anna Lou!

I'm not sure if you remember me - I'm Carol Franks-Randall and our paths have crossed a number of time during the last several years. I am retired from the superintendency and have relocated to Centreville, Maryland, which is on the Delmarva Peninsula, about an hour from Washington, DC.

Your site is impressive, and I am going to recommend your materials and resources to a friend of mine who is planning to do some teaching assistant training during the 2009-10 school year.

It is great to see how you have stayed current and moved your organization forward. You are a role model for the rest of us!!

All the best Anna Lou! If you want to get in touch my email address is cfrandal@gmail.com

Take care - Carol

Reply to Carol Franks Randell

Carol, I am not sure when you posted the message. But what a wonderful surprise it was to see it. If you happen to seen this message please contact me at: halpickett@aol.com. Anna Lou

Anna Lou