Why I Love My Job as a Paraeducator

The Pittsburgh Morning Sun recently held a 'Why I Love My Job' contest and a paraeducator was one of the entries:

My name is Luci Sullivan. I am an Occupational and Physical Therapy Paraeducator for children with special needs.

I love my job and think my job is the best job in town.

I am fortunate to work with children and a great team of professionals, administrators, teachers, and paraeducators whose mission is that each child reaches their maximum independence and achieve satisfying and fulfilling lifestyles...

You can continue reading her entry here (scroll a little more than half way down the page)

What about you? Why do you love your job?



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I love working with the children.

I am a bilingual assistant, and I was born in America. Spanish is my second language, but I enjoy heling the children learn English. I finished college, but this is a second career, so I am under the pension restrictions for income. Next year I can teach, but i still prefer working with small groups. There are many children that really need the one on one that a classroom teacher cannot give all the time. I love seeing children grow educaionally, and I love to see them happy learning.