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teacher assistant

i am looking to becoming a teachers aide and would like to know where to begin. who do i talk to, send letters exams etc...whatever it takes

Hi Dolly - See the response

Hi Dolly -

See the response to the first FAQ. Do you have a district in mind? If so, find out what they require and take those steps. Each district or local education agency might require something a little different from others so begin there so you don't waste any time or energy. Best of luck. We need great people. Teri

National Teacher Ceretitcation Program

I work for an Education non-profit in Washington DC called the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE). We run an alternative certification program where with a bachelor's degree and some hard work an individual can become certified to teach. We are accepted in 9 states so far but with reciprocity rules, you may be able to utilize the program from where ever you live.



Can someone send me the new address for sending in PDP applications, can't seem to locate it on the internet. Thank You Rosemarie Hunt

Rosemarie Hunt

Para contact with family

Just browsing - and curious to know if there are written guidelines on whether or not a 1:1 para can have contact with the family. In our case, we have a one on one para for our autistic son who is mainstreamed. We are now being told - from a teacher at the school - that the para can have no contact with us. We have a terrific relationship with the para and the classroom teacher. They each email us if and when our son is having problems at school - or if something really wonderful happens.

It would be terrible, if the one person who has the most contact with our son, is unable to talk with us.

I appreciate your advice and quick response. Thank you!

Miss Burns - Your son's

Miss Burns -
Your son's teacher should be your contact for specific information regarding your son and his educational program and progress. Your son's teacher and the paraprofessional with whom he works have expectations to follow. You might want to talk with the teacher about those expectations. Is there something that's been working that can continue? It is important that the teacher talk with you about your son's educational program and that all of you understand what is okay for the paraprofessional to share. Perhaps further dialog might help. All the best to you. Teri

para contact with family

I do not think there are any laws that state the Para can not have contact with the family. I know of many familys who do private pay for there para to keep their kids before and after school. It may be frowned upon by some but there are not any written rules.

I was a well respected para

I was a well respected para at an elementary school for 6 years. Due to difficulties, I had to make a difficult decision to leave work at that time. I have since had 4 separate requests for jobs, within the district, to return to work. But, each time, the job has fallen through. I have since learned that I have been "black listed" by one specific individual, so I will not be hired. I do not know why. I gave notice and quietly left. It has now been 3 years since I have worked. I am looking for advice as to what to do. Thank you

Dear Rhonda - This is a very

Dear Rhonda -
This is a very difficult situation and I'm sorry you are facing it. Perhaps it would be possible to speak with the Human Resources director in your district. Or, perhaps with the person who is accused of "blacklisting" you for a discussion of his/her concerns. However, I do not know your situation and cannot offer any solid advice. I do wish you well in your pursuit as we need well respected paraprofessionals. Be well. Teri

Black Listed

I too have been black listed. I have been to dfferent schools in the county and each school passes on the same informaiton. The administration team has no problem using me as a sub or babysitter. They use the same intimidation tacktic on me and it only makes me upset and there you go. So many lies have been told on me its shameful all because I won't go with the flow. I keep my head up and a lawyer besides me. If you know a good lawyer call him or her. If you know who this person is sue for slander. You are just as good as anyone else.


I recently resigned my

I recently resigned my position in public school because of too much childish nonsense from the so-called adults. They don't like it when paras speak up against bullying and intimidation techniques, but they're too cowardly to say it to your face. Instead, they get you in the back anonymously. It's dysfunctional. I now work in a private school who is glad to have an experienced assistant.

black listed


Do you have a union? Your union steward should represent you in a grievance claim. Make sure you have
documented any issues so you are prepared.
Good luck.





If you are not Tenured, then they will blacklist you and the Unions do not really care. I was terminated after reporting a teacher for shoving a 10 year old boy. They made up some false allegations against me and got me fired. I have since been blacklisted by the NYC DOE. I filed a grievance way back in 09/08 and am still apparently awaiting a decision........Now, what I do not understand is how they can get away with breaking the law by blacklisting...........

whoever "blacklisted" you

whoever "blacklisted" you may have been jealous or felt threatned by you

National Para Conference in August 2007

I just wanted to make the comment that our school district would NOT put ANY funding towards any paras who wanted to attend the National Conferences for Paras.

I find that very saddening, and puts into perspective what paras mean to my district.

Do Paras just work with children with Disabilities

I'm a mother trying to understand the complete role of a Para in my son's school. I'm mixed up as to the role the Para plays in the classroom. Are they there to help "all" children, or just those with special needs and disabilities?

Can Paras at the high school level run afterschool program

We have always had a certified teacher or librarian along with paras after school in the high school. Our new librarian is afraid of our students and does not want to stay after school. At our middle school the para's run the library after school. There are 1000+ students. Our new librarian wants the same to happen at our high school. I have been in the district 12 yrs, and at HS 4yrs and have always had a librarian or certified teacher after school. Our high school has 2300+ students. Our contract states we can be with students as long as we are not instructing them. We are not title 1. If a student does not know how to use the databases then I will have to instruct them, thus violating my contract. Can they implement just paras running the library after school?

using parapros to tutor

I'm principal at Garfield, an all-Title elementary school in Olympia, WA. We
use para-proffesionals, supervised by certified teachers, to tutor,
deliver small group instruction and assist with interventions for struggling
students. I'm looking for research that supports the efficacy of this
practice. Can anyone help me find specific research that speaks to this

Please respond to bhodges@osd.wednet.edu

Helping Paras utilize their release time effectively!

I have been a Para for approximately 14 years and I have been trying my best to become a NYC school teacher. Most of the cuny schools do not provide late afternoon classes for Paraprofessionals and release time cannot be used to attend classes. I am about seven classes away from obtaining my bachelor. Unfortunately, I have had to take about four semesters off from school due to this issue. What can I do? I need help!

salary to expect as Parapro?

My son wishes to pursue a career in this parapro field and he is very well suited for it: compassionate, lots of experience with children, and children respond to him. but what we cannot find ANYWHERE is what he might expect as a starting salary per month and per year and then over time after 10yrs what can he expect salary-wise? He is in Northern California.

Where to find work as a sub parapro

I have been hired by the NYC Department of Education as a sub paraprofessional and am waiting to be called. I have all my licenses, have been given a Board of Education ID, direct deposit papers and all my paperwork has been processed and approved. Should I wait for a call from a school or is there a directory of schools in my district that I can view and go out to the schools asking for work?

being hired as a permanent para

In NYC, once u have been hired as a sub-para, u will have to be called to substitute at different schools when it's required due to absence etc. of perm Paras. Calls u receive will come from sub-central and will be automated. I am not sure how it chooses the subs but if they call u, u should be prepared for calls as early as 5am and be prepared to travel anywhere within the 5 boroughs. U cannot chhose the schools or didtricts. I underestand from my colleagues that most of them did go to different schools as subs before they were hired, but in my case and others, we were called to serve as subs in schools where they had vacancies for paras. So after subing for several months, I was hired as a permanent para once the school got the OK from the Dept of Ed. I hate to be pessimistic, but u may or may not be aware that because some paras have been recently excessed due to budget cuts and lower numbers of children that require paras, I am not sure how this will effect sub-paras. However, that having been said, keep your spirit up. If u do get calls and u do a grat job, u will definitely stand a better chance at being hired at that school if they have a vacancy. By the way it's terriffic that u got yr requirements done as a sub. This gives u a definite edge for sub jobs and will go a long way with getting a perm job since it shows schools how serious u are to get a perm job. Sorry this is so long, but I've been where u are and I know what it's like, so I want to give u the clearest picture possible. Good Luck!

Para's who have worked with Angelmann's Syndrome

I am working with a 17 year old female who is not toilet trained, no verbal communication and can not feed herself. I am looking for advice for those who have worked with Angelmann students and what has helped you with working with the student.

worried about my job

Im a new para. I got hired in January of 09. But I was a subpara since 2006. I am worried now that although Im working in a new school and am a 2:1 that I might be laid off when Paras are cut. Two school aides were just laid off. Is there anyway my union can help me?? The child I take care of has an IEP that requires her to have a para for toilet training. Can a principal ignore the IEP and still get rid of the para? Right now there are only 3 paras in the room including myself and we have ten kids. WE are getting a new child tomorrow. We have no classroom para so we all help each other .Any advise on how to secure my job?

teacher turned para?

Hi, I have a strange question and am wondering if anyone can help. I am currently a highschool teacher in the Bronx. I am in my sixth year of teaching, and I have earned my reputation for working extremely hard, but am feeling overwhelmed and burned out and stressed all of the time. I want more balance in life and less work. I would take less money for less responsibility.

I would like to become a para. I know it's still a lot of work to do the job right, but hopefully less work overall (on weekends, grading and planning, decorating classrooms, calling 20 parents a night, etc.) Would a school just let me apply for a para job without being a substitute first since I'm already a teacher? (What I most fear is temporarily losing health insurance coverage).

Any information or contact info would be absolutely appreciated.

Thanks! Ms. K

P.S. I have a para for 3 students in one of my classes and she is really wonderful and hardworking! Yay paras!

Need answers regarding to EIS-2011-2012

I have already gone through the hiring process, and I am expecting the EIS in order to be able to access Subcentral, however, I' ve been told that I have to be nominated by a principal. It is confusing because this is my first time applying as a Sub-Para and I don't know anybody who walks me through this process. I have contacted Subcentral and left a couple of messages but no-one has gotten back to me and I wish I could find out what to do or expect. Can someone please help me??

Hi, how did you go aboout the

Hi, how did you go aboout the hiring process without a nomination letter?  Anyway I am in need of finding out about how do I get nominated.  I have gotten different responses, like 1) the principal nominates you online but gives you and job ID number, comittting to hire you, 2) that you just get nominated and go to DOE and thats it and the process starts...you will do subbbing until you get hired.  Can you give me the corredt one, please


Para with special needs training?

I am curious if a paraprofessional is required to have specific training when working with special needs children? My daughter is in 1st grade at a public school and has a one on one paraprofessional. My daughter has Asperger's syndrome, autistic spectrum disorder, sensory integration disorder, combined adhd and ocd. Although her physical age is 6 years old, her mental age is only of an estimate of 4 years old. Her paraprofessional has no experience or training in working with special needs chiildren. I'm concerned due to other parents whom have contacted me regarding "inappropriate" conduct they witnessed between my daughter's paraprofessional and my daughter. I asked my daughter's IEP team to please place her with a paraprofessional experienced in working with special needs, however according to them, that is not possible. Why are there no educational requirements or training in different disorders that paraprofessionals may be working with? Does my daughter have to be treated this way cause her paraprofessional doesn't know how to work with special needs children? This "No Child Left Behind" needs to be looked at a little deeper to help benefit special needs children.

How do I become a para educator

Hi all,

I've got a CELTA and I've taught ESL abraod for several years, but I do not actually have a state teaching lisence.

I thought becoming a para may be a good way to see if I would like to teach in the public school system.

I"ve been subbing in my local school system, but now I would like to take the next step and become a para.

Could someone tell me the steps to becoming a para? Thank you soo much for your help!!!