Video Description of the Job of Teacher Assistant

Does this sound right?

Sensitivity and patience are key assets.

Watch the video below for more:

Another great video available on our site is, "What do Paraeducators Do?"



Video/Teacher Assistant

The title of Teacher Assistant is not appropriate. The NEA refers to our positions as Educational Support Personnel. By trade we prefer the title of Paraprofessional or Paraeducator. The MOST disliked title is Teacher Aide.

Please remember that unlike teachers we are not generally salaried so if you are taking work home with you, please record your time so that you will be compensated.

"Teaching Assistant" video

Thank you for your comment about terminology Linda- that is a good reminder- hopefully you still found the video useful in describing what Educational Support Personnel do!

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Christopher Phillips
National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals

I knew what a teacher aid

I knew what a teacher aid was, but I didn't know all the jobs or responsibilities an aid has. After watching the video, now I know that a paraprofessional has to be the support of the teacher by being to help releive some pressure. The para is there to help grade papers, assist with visual aids, tutor students if needed, supervise in the cafeteria, and with field trips.