Two Paraeducators Begin Their New Jobs

First, from the madmommy blog, a mother returning to work as a paraeducator:

And where, might you ask, am I working? I'm going back to a job I had before the munchkin was born; paraeducator for special ed kids. This time I'll be working in a high school environment. I'm a little nervous, as it's been two years, and back then I worked with younger kids, but I enjoy the job. We had our orientation today and I must say I feel very psyched to go "back to school".

Next, Jennifer also posts about returning to work as a paraeducator:

So today I started my new position as a paraeducator for the Blue Valley School District. Althought today was really boring, and tomorrow will be as well, I am excited to get started next week. This week is the district wide orientation and para training. Next week I will actually start in my classroom at my school. At first I wasn't sure about the position, but the more I am getting into it, I think it will be really challenging and rewarding. I have been a paraeducator before, I worked with special needs preschool children, which was also challenging. But this position will be even more so, as I will now be working with Severe Multiple Disabilities children at the elementary level.

Any advice for paraeducators returning to work?