Proposed Paraprofessional Regulations

The U.S. Department of Education has announced proposed regulations to implement the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) and invites public comment. So that members of the public will have as much time as possible to review the proposed regulations, the Department has posted an unofficial copy. The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) has assembled a quick side by side document showing differences with IDEA 1997 (pdf).


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My Son Getting a Para in a normal school that does not have a ce

My son is ten and has some educational delays. My son has been in special needs his entire life in same school district and has been behind the whole time. The research from professionals shows inclusions and mostly the special needs program he is in does the best for Mathew. I dissagree. Mathew brings home pre school to 1st grade work, and when I work with him at home he does better. We were told all this info at end of school year when we were going to ask he stay at a school with his sisters and brother instead of going to a new school where his special needs class was re locating to as it had more room. My husband ending up agreeing with staff at meeting and that was that. We have a stakking a few days before school and I want him in either a home based online school they have but theyu have allready said they have no special educators there, or I want him to go to school with sibilings with a para educator. I have been told by school they have no funding and do not need to provide para's since the have the special needs programs. I have been told a para could not help my son since he is still in diapers. I have been told a para can only help kids in wheel chairs and can not get around by themselves and are severely disabled. Mathew usues crutch's, he gets physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy and recieves some of those therapies at school as well. Any advice on what I can do? All these years his progress has been a joke, I have him over weekends over summer and he works hard and makes progress that is why I want a change. Thanks, Jessica Stanwood Dist 3 colorado springs colorado.