Pictures from the 2008 National Conference

The first batch of pictures from the 2008 National Conference in Hartford, CT are now available.

Updated More pictures added Friday, April 18th

Look for more to be added in the coming days!

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para conference in hartford

I had a wonderful time at the conference and am so thankful my district sent me. I came away with so much energy and new ideas to help me with my so important position as a Para. It was refreshing to see so many talk about ways to improve myself and also made me realize I am important to the over all education of the students I service and beyond. Thank you to all the presenters and please continue to bring your knowledge and expertise to all Paraeducators/Paraprofessionals because you are truely inspiring.

NRC Para Conference Photo Shoot!

KUDOS to the photographer/webmaster.What a great array of earnest happy dedicated people. And don't we all look MAH-velous!?

And what fun we had! And how much we learned from each other.

THANKS for the memories.

What a wonderful experience... again!!

It was once again a great conference. The first time I attend the conference was in 2007. Only 3 of us from my school in Bermuda attended. In 2008, 9 of us attended. And what an experience.

I have come back to my beautiful island and shared so much of the information I received. The presentation that stands out in my mind was "Paraprofessional Fueling Change", by Dr Ashleigh Molloy. Oh!!! It made me realise that my work was worth it. And how important each and everyone of us are to our school. It was so great.. that out Union has invited Dr. Ash to be a guest speaker at out conference here in Bermuda, November 2008.

Thank you for having such a great conference. I hope to attend again next year. Again, It was wonderful.

Had a great time!

I enjoyed the conference very much, left inspired with new information and feeling great about the value we are to our school systems.  I felt it was well worth the money to attend.  I however am looking for information on the CSI-Utah session.  I thought it was inspiring as were many, but would like to get a contact to ask for information about their program.  Please contact me if you can help me out. Thank-you Kindly.  JK

smileyJackie Kirchmeier