Paras in the News

Loud and Clear

This article introduces us to Grace Williams and here experience in receiving the Baha System that helps her to hear. Don't miss the picture of her on the left in the classroom.

Williams, a paraeducator, can hear everything, from kids chatting at their desks to the phone ringing from across the room, Allar said.

Smaller classrooms, individualized attention create a successful learning environment at Quincy alternative school

From the Quincy Herald Whig, a story of an alternative school that stives to meet individual student needs. The article mentions the role that paraprofessionals play in that role a couple of times.

"We're not there to make it easy for them," paraeducator Patrick Arena said. "It's a challenge, because we have to make sure they're learning everything they need to know in a smaller amount of time. Some of them have a job, kids, problems at home. Sometimes they're more focused to be more productive in less time. They know they'll be held accountable, or they're not welcome."