Paraprofessionals and Teachers Work Together as a Team for the Benefit of Students

Elona Hartjes has written a wonderful post about the importance of paraeducators in her classroom titled, Paraprofessionals and Teachers Work Together as a Team for the Benefit of Students.

From her opening paragraph:

I’ve been really fortunate to have worked with some wonderful paraprofessionals at different times in my teaching career. These men and women made a huge a difference to the lives of the students in my class. For that matter, they’ve made a huge difference to my life as well.

She then goes on to discuss some of the experiences that she has had with paraeducators during her career. You can also listen to her post on the site. Thanks Elona!


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I love being a Bilingual Assistant.

My second language is Spanish and I have lived in Mexico. I understand how difficult learning a new language can be, but I know how rewarding knowing a new language can be to your personal life. I work with the most wonderful teachers from all over the Spanish speaking countries. I help them with English and they help me with Spanish. I try to help my young students to love learning English, and they do. I feel great when I see students new to this country, representing our room in the Spelling Bee in about three to four months. I really love to see them having fun and getting educated at the same time, bu using and www.earobics. com. The children need all adults to teach them positive aspects about life. Every person, who loves and respects children are teachers.I am very happy to have had the opportunity to learn English, and to have lived in Mexico.