Paraeducator practices smiling skills

From Tacoma, Washington, a thank you to "one of Tacoma's outstanding paraprofessionals, for her going above and beyond class work." Janet Caldon praises Christine Wittstock for her participation in a staff development assignment to "smile 10 times to someone who didn't feel like they deserved it, hadn't earned it, or didn't want it:"

“As a colleague of Wittstock, an instructor in the Professional Development program, I believe she has made a profound difference in the life of this student, both now and in the days to come. As a paraeducator, it is sometimes common to think that she is "just a para," when in fact, she is so much more,” explained Caldon. “Wittstock is a life-affirming, co-educator in every sense of the word! Hunt Middle School is blessed to have her in their professional learning community!”

Paraeducator practices smiling skills



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Smiling Skills

What a great quote! We need to teach our students this too! I will do this by modeling starting right now! Thanks for sharing this!