Paraeducator Article from K12 Advocates

This is a great article that answers the questions, What do Paraeducators Do?, What Training Do Paraeducators Receive?, and What Standards Are There for Paraeducators?.

From the article:

Paraeducators generally work under the supervision of the teacher. "Para" means "alongside of" and, like paralegals and paramedics who assist and support lawyers and doctors, paraeducators assist and support teachers in a variety of ways.

What are Para-Educators?


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I found the recent Paraeducators article in the K12 Advocate interesting, and a great introductory article for those who have no knowledge of paras.
As one for 22 years, I have had several experiences that would be helpful for newbies but have no place to post them. Also, fellow seasoned paras and I could also comisserate, with a sharing location.

This is a great place to get it off our shoulders, add advise, or just plain rejoice in a successful experience!