NEA Handbook and Training Guide

The Education Support Professionals division of the National Education Association has made available two excellent publications that you can download or view online.

The NEA Paraeducator Handbook

The NEA Paraeducator Handbook acknowledges the important role that paraeducators play in the educational system.

From the Handbook:

This Handbook is intended as an information source for paraeducators to give them a strong and accurate sense of the increasing nation-wide recognition that they are full-fledged members of the professional education team.

You can also download the PDF versions of the document from the right side of the page or by clicking here.

The NEA Paraeducator Handbook

Paraeducators and IDEA 2004 -Knowledge, Skills and Advocacy

Paraeducators and IDEA 2004 Training Guide "provides Association leaders and staff and paraeducators with information about IDEA 2004 and why IDEA 2004 requirements that affect paraeducators are met" (from their page). The manual is organized in

  • Recognizing and defining the role of paraeducators in serving students with disabilities
  • Promoting paraeducator training Promoting appropriate supervision of paraeducators
  • Promoting certification for paraeducators in states where no requirements exist
  • Examining compensation issues
  • Understanding discipline Requirements
  • Understanding IDEA 2004 Terminology

Paraeducators and IDEA 2004 - Knowledge, Skills and Advocacy - A Training Guide