Back to School Special

We recently came across a couple of stressful accounts from paras of their first day back from school:

I'm a paraeducator for children. Today was our first day. I am praying for patience. Not with the kids. The kids are great. My stress levels are so high after this morning, that I have a horrible headache, and my shoulder is killing me from being tensed for so long. (from Lord, it's Monday)

And this one...

So, today was the first day back to work. It should come as no surprise to anyone who works for any big company/school/corporation, that no one knows where my job is going to be yet. I’ve been told not to worry, I have a job, they just don’t know where yet. (from Irene's Weblog)

We thought it might be nice to provide you with a little bit of back to school inspiration from around the web:

I Believe in Me, Do You Believe in Me?

First off, this video from a young man names Dalton Sherman titled "I Believe in Me, Do You Believe in Me?" is our most popular post on the site that we have ever posted. If you haven't seen it, it is definitely a must-see as you start the school year.

Back to School Facts

This Fact Sheet from the Census Bureau has all kinds of interesting back-to-school facts. Did you know that:

  • Among K-12 students, 87% of students with a parent or other household member attended a general school or PTO/PTA meeting during the 2006-07 school year.
  • 10.9 million school-age children who speak a language other than English at home.

Back to School Guides for Parents

If you are a parent sending a child back to school, there is some great information from the Federal Citizen Information Center on going back to school. That page includes a list of the top 5 reasons students miss school (Watch out for cold season). Also check out this back-to-school guide from Consumer Reports

More Resources

What do you do to lower the stress of a new school year? What do you spend most of your time doing the first few days of school?


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     I was told last week that someone inside got a job because they had a G.E.D., which in fact were asking for a higly qualified candidate, but it seems that in New Jersey, especially in Old Bridge Township it's all about connections.  I got 19 credits from college with a 3.1 GPA and 12 years of teaching experience, as well as having a PRAXIS Score of: 474 out of 480, which is above the median range.  I am so upset over the matter that para's are hired by who they do and know, it's not about education, nor the benefit of education.  Perhaps, other ramifications are on the rise in this dire economy.


      Maria Thano