...Aides Seeking Better Pay

Townsend, MA- A second-grade teacher states, "There should be more of them. And they should be paid more" as she pickets along with 15 paraprofessionals to send a message that they deserve more.

The teacher goes on:

From preparing worksheets to showing the children how to tie their shoes, teaching assistants do all sorts of tedious yet important tasks that she doesn't have the time to do herself. As the class sizes increase, these assistants, or so-called paraprofessionals, play growingly critical roles in classrooms, she said.

The article also notes:

Since the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted in 2001, skill-sets required for paraprofessionals dramatically increased, and their workload has grown each year as they try to help fill various needs of individual children...

Link to article: N. Middlesex aides seeking better pay




Increased pay for paraprofessionals

I would just like to say that I wholeheartedly agree with increased pay for us. I have served i n this capacity for almost five years now. I received one raise since that time, but a greatly increasing work load. I deal with extremely emotional disabled children and it can be very stressful and sometimes difficult.

Please continue to take classes.

If you have to take one class a semester, please take that class and before you know it, you will have your degree. Teachers are not paid all they deserve, so you know that they will try to get the assistants for lower wages. I worked most of my life in private industry because it paid better, but I never lost my love for the classroom. I retired and returned to college and I work as a bilingual assistant for peanuts. Thank God I have my pension. or I would have to work two to three jobs to make it. Education is the only way, if you want to earn more money. I plan to take a class every semester until I die, ad I will be 65 on October. Personally seeing what I see in the classrooms and the schools, I rather open my own charter school. I respect the teachers and the administration, but some do not respect me. No one is better than any other human, and in my unique way, I try to send that message, with my union backing me, if necessary. There are some nice people, but there are tyrants, so you better be ready for an intelligent battle.

We do need help!

Pay is something I have begun to fight since I have been employed with my BOE. It's sad enough that teachers don't get paid what they are worth but sadder that we are so much more underpaid. I just think they don't think we do as much as we do. We need everyone to take a stand so something can be done. We need to suppose each other.

Low pay in OK is not OK!!!

I agree i have been a para for over 6 years now. I just now make $10,500. a year. The jobs have got harder and the load a lot greater. We do need more pay!!