western PA checking in

I am an aide/paraprofessional in western PA and am looking for a support group. Kinda like a 12 step group that gets me, but doesn't encourage me to quit my bad habit of busting my butt for little $$!


Our union is part of SEIU and we approved a contract last year. We have a 5 year pay step up scale based on time served. I am currently in year 3, but would LOVE to go back to school. Does PA offer an associates degree for the paraprofessional? We have had the PATTAN training and are considered "highly qualified" by the Commonwealth, but the trainings we get are a joke when actually applied to what we are doing.


It's as though our district thinks we are all beginners and have no prior experience when they schedule inservice trainings for us. I am sick of being treated like I know nothing, I need more education and a higher paying job! I can give more details, but I don't know what you want to know about my district/job. Ask away, I'll come back tomorrow after work to answer any questions or to comment more.