western PA checking in

I am an aide/paraprofessional in western PA and am looking for a support group. Kinda like a 12 step group that gets me, but doesn't encourage me to quit my bad habit of busting my butt for little $$!


Our union is part of SEIU and we approved a contract last year. We have a 5 year pay step up scale based on time served. I am currently in year 3, but would LOVE to go back to school. Does PA offer an associates degree for the paraprofessional? We have had the PATTAN training and are considered "highly qualified" by the Commonwealth, but the trainings we get are a joke when actually applied to what we are doing.


It's as though our district thinks we are all beginners and have no prior experience when they schedule inservice trainings for us. I am sick of being treated like I know nothing, I need more education and a higher paying job! I can give more details, but I don't know what you want to know about my district/job. Ask away, I'll come back tomorrow after work to answer any questions or to comment more.


I am an aide in S.E. PA. I

I am an aide in S.E. PA. I also attend the Pattan trainings, but am always looking for other training opportunities. Have you gotten any replies to your question? I know one of the community colleges offers an A.A.S. For Paraeducators. It is a fairly in depth program.... Stacey

I'd love to do something like

I'd love to do something like that, except I'd like it to be considered part of our in school trainings. We have to have 20 hours a year. We always get CPR/AED/First Aid before school starts for the year. They have to have us there for trainings and pay us, why do we get whatever crap they throw our way. True, there are often new aides, but for those of us who have been through the PATTAN trainings, it is horribly boring.

I attend the Pattan

I attend the Pattan trainings, but they are not mandatory.  Our district mostly provides enough inservices to cover the 20 hours.  That being said, most of the inservices are on students with different abilities (autism, downs syndrome etc.)  While they are informative, I think we need more "hands on" training.  By hands on, I mean things relevant to us as paras.  I would love to have some time to consult with other paras to discuss different strategies and support ideas.  Share the wealth, as it was....

I do appreciate the opportunity to go to the Pattan trainings, I just wish there were different opportunities to choose from.