We have a great Union, New Mexico paraprofessionals!

Hi everyone!

When I began working as an Educational Assistant six years ago, I made about $7.50 an hour. Now I make almost $12.00 with more raises on the way, primarily thanks to the hard work of our Union reps.

Also, I hope you all know that if you take classes at CNM, you can submit your grade of C or better to APS and they will reimburse the cost of your classes AND books!

Last year I enrolled in an online college because it was more convenient for my personal situation, so I get to submit proof of the 45 credits I have earned to APS by September 15th. In return, I will receive a retroactive salary increase based on my increased education.

If our Tier salary had passed like the teachers' did, my salary would increase to about $20,000 a year! Join our Union and help us to achieve that goal!

Barbara S., Albuquerque, 1st Grade EA


Congrats on your

Congrats on your accomplishment! I always look for success stories about online education, especially hard numbers about how they can help, and I love hearing about situations such as yours. Similarly, while I was doing research for my online education blog, I hear a lot of stories about hard-working men and women who was making a set amount, then using their strong work ethic to attend an online college while they were working, and then their salary was immediately increased afterward.