Hi out there! Just curious about the difference in pay in regions. Here in Iowa we are starting at $7.12-14.00 Lunchroom workers start higher pay than starting paras. How do other states compare? Thanks for the information D Sioux City Sue


Las Vegas, Boise, SLC

Hi Sue, Here in Utah, each district's pay scale differs for paraeducators and support staff. For fun, I checked the salaries of several school districts I've associated with over the years. :arrow: Salt Lake City (Jordan School District) Paraeducator = $8.05 to 10.76 Food service = $8.05 (starting) Custodial = $9.08 (starting) :arrow: Las Vegas, NV (Clark County School District) Paraeducator = $9.83 to 13.83 Food service = $9.36 to 13.18 Custodial = $10.84 to 15.25 :arrow: Boise, Idaho Paraeducator = $7.39 to 14.78 Food service = $8.20 (starting) Custodial = $7.70 (starting) Douglas


Para salaries in CT range from 8.00/hr to 17.00/hr depending on benefits and school district. This may seem like a lot of money to several of you, however, we fall well below the poverty level in CT and also are paid well below custodial and other comparable public sector jobs. CT is currently looking at legislation to conform paraprofessionals, give a formal definition to the job, and provide salary minimum requirements.

Try Wyoming... Para wages

Try Wyoming... Para wages range from 10.00 to 17.00 to start.


Thank you Douglas for the quick reply! Hopefully we'll get information from all over the states. P

Hi! I am new to this site

Hi! I am new to this site and I love it!
I am a current Co-President for TAP (Tumwater Association of Paraprofessionals) and on the bargaining team.

Our highest step, you reach in year 3 is $15.00/hr.
We get paid for holidays following holidays:
• New Years and the day before
• Martin Luther King Jr. Day
• Presidents’ Day
• Memorial Day
• Veteran’s Day
• Thanksgiving and the day after
• Christmas Day and the day before and after
We do not get paid for snow days. We have to make them up at the end of the year.

Our pay is figured out as a salary and divided over 12 months. Like I am sure many other school districts do.

We work hard for our benefits for the all members. We make sure we bargain for money that will completely cover the employee with the most expensive benefits package option there is. So unless you have a family member you don’t pay anything out of pocket.

In addition to being a Co-President of TAP I am a member of the LIVING WAGE STEERING COMMITTEE for WEA. Because I believe we deserve more than we are getting from both the state and the district.

Here is a website that is a link to a form to help you figure out a living wage for your district. It is very interesting.


It is a Washington Link but you can still use it.

I'm from Baltimore ,Md and as

I'm from Baltimore ,Md and as a Paraeducator they start you off with $17.00 an hour...I bring home 900 after taxes every two weeks including medical,dental benefits..I love my job and the pay is great;)

wages/wichita KS

Hey I'm new the site I'm Kane/male/25 years old. I work in the Wichita School District as a Para and I make $11.50/hr.


Is anybody out there who is a parapro in Washington State? Whidbey Island? What is the pay in this state? I'm about to take courses to be a parapro. Please help!

Hello, I have worked in two


I have worked in two districts in Vancouver WA, and District #1 pays to start with about $12 bucks depending on the position that you apply for.

District #2 when I use to work for them I was making $15 bucks and hour with full medical benefits across the board. But quit to go back and get and AA degree because this district requires it to work here.

Now I work for District #1 as a Substitute and I get a below what I was making for the other district which isn't a bunch of bucks, as a Sub I usually get about $10.50 for Clerical, $10 for Special Ed and someday I get six hour to eight hour positions so buy the end of the week usually I make about $120.

But when I worked for District #2 I made on the average per week about $450 which was good pay Five years ago.

But I stuck in this district #1 until I can get rehired back on in Dist #2 now that I have my AA degree and my Para-Educator.

But before I go I feel that Substitutes deserve a pay raise up to what a regular or special needs assistants get paid. We do after all do the same job day in and day out...

Wages, San Diego, CA For the

Wages, San Diego, CA

For the 2009-10 school year, an entry-level para(Spec Ed Assitant)starts at $11.24/hr, andearns up to 14.00 with longevity. A Spec Ed Tech starts at 14.34 and earns up to 17.87 with longevity. These are the common classroom-assigned paras. Not impressive wages for someone trying to survive in Southern California.

Richard Finegan www.paraeducatorcentral.com www.readerswithautism.com www.thedemandingclassroom.com

I am working at a Charter

I am working at a Charter School here in Utah as a Special Education Aide. My job includes everything that the teachers do apart from IEPs. That includes one on one teaching and small groups in all the age ranges form K-8 and in all subjects. I absolutely love my job but it is a real struggle to make ends meet. The maximum I am allowed in hours is 30 per week, so there are no benefits, no sick days, no holiday pay, no snow days, etc. Summers are a nightmare, but luckily there was summer school this year. My pay is high for this area - $11 per hr. but that was because of previous teaching experience in another country. Even the teachers I work with are appalled at the low rates that aides are paid.

Para pay

Hi I'm a para in the Minneapolis school district. I've been a special ed para for ten years now. Here we have a 6 step pay scale which starts at 14.00 and goes to 19.62. We get vacation time as well as sick time. Those who work at least 20 hours a week get full medical/dental. I work 78 hours every two weeks which includes riding the special ed bus with students. My bi-weekly pay check is 1531.36 Gross
After 450.00 in deductions I take home 1081.36 Net

in northern mn i work as an

in northern mn i work as an indian home school liaison. in our union we are classified as paras. we also had to be or get highly qualified as part of the NCLB act. along with the duties of a para, we DO take part in all parts of the IEP, from referral, observations, goals, and we are a part of the "team". on the IEP we have goals and provide direct service minutes. as liaisons we also do home visits and act as mediator/middle man between the district and our native families if any problems arise.a a great majority of our time is spent with special ed students, but academic support is offered to all. we do not have just one student that we work with at a time. at my school, i currently have 41 students in k-12. at 7 years on the job, i make $11.43 an hour and have been capped on wages (except for cost of living increases) for 4 years. medical would be around $700 a month for just me. full time indian ed gets 4 personal days per year and 16 hors of sick time are accumulated every month, part-timers are pro-rated. all employees have the option of 18 or 24 paydays and we cannot collect unemployment in the summer. our dept has been in negotiations for a couple of years to try to become our own bargaining unit and to get a comparable wage

RE: Paraprofessionals....

Currently, in some states, due to budget cuts, the outlook for paraprofessionals seems bleak. Positions are being eliminated (and most likely will not come back unless no benefits and low wages are acceptable to the employee) so teachers and administrators can keep their jobs. As a 10 year veteran of my school district, it was a shame to know and see that we, on a daily basis, worked so hard, supported our supervising teachers, and gave everything within our being to the children of our state or district, yet had/have to support ourselves on a poverty-level wage. No work, no unemployment benefits during the summer in my experience, is/was the toughest thing to endure year after year. Do you/we make enough money during the school year to save and support ourselves throughout the unpaid summer months? The answer: A resounding NO!!!
There is not a more rewarding job...that is why I stuck it out, as is often said...fighting and hoping for change. Now, all paraprofessional positions in my district are being phased out.
Paraprofessionals, like teachers, must have a strong union to support them and their professional needs (benefits, salary, and perks, too). The unions must have courage, integrity, honesty and must encourage unity amongst its members, but where are they? How would you go about starting one? There is no greater power than voices of many "on the same page"!
Best of Luck to all, have a Wonderful Holiday Season! :>)



In Scranton, PA. we make anywhere from $14,000.00 to $24,000.00. We are in negotiations now and hope to improve that. We have recieved our State Certifaication and Special Ed. Credentials. We take ER&D classes to keep up with the changes. We also have 16 steps to climb before getting top pay. (POVERTY). This is a contract year so we are hoping to make many changes. We finally have a union that is willing to work with us and fight for our wages. We are doing everything imaginable to better ourselves in the classroom, we even have two blue ribbon schools that Paras helped to accomplish. We have numerous Paras in our district 98 to be exact. Bilingual, Learning Support, Life Skills, Autism, Physical Disabled, Pre-School, Kindergarten and Title One. What we need to do is exchange copies of our contracts and compare them. Are many of you in a Teachers union, or a Representative?

I live in Scranton, PA - have

I live in Scranton, PA - have been a para for 10 years as of this year. I have an associate degree and I have taken the necessary classes and passed the nescessary test to become state certified. I am making 26,000.  However, 26,500 is the maximum, so I am stuck there. I do get benefits but use my husbands so I am compensated for not using them.  I have a retirement plan and sick time - 10 days per year, we can build them up. However, if we become seriously ill and miss more, we are on a no pay basis with no kind of disability.

Para Pay.

If you want to make more money, you have to get that degree and be certified. I know everyone of you can do it. Then there are the people like me, who earned a very lucrative salary with a private corporation for almost 40 years. I use to moon-light as a para, but the money was too poor for me, so I just saved it for vacations.

I work in Illinois, so I guess I am blessed since I started about 5 years ago at about $9.26 and now I am at 12.58. I work from 8-2:30, and we are paid for all holidays,snow days, vacations, and the entire month of June. We belong to the IMRF and we get benefits now, and a pension after eight and one half years .(vested) If this was my only income, I would finish college, but I do have pensions besides this income, and I still completed my college. I took one or two classes a year, and I dropped out about 30 years (college) to raise my daughter. I went back at age 62 and graduated at 64. Take one class at at time, for they do add up.
I agree the salary is very poor, so that is why people get certified to earn a little more for much more work and responsibility. God bless everyone.

Hi, I became permanent

Hi, I became permanent paraprofessional last April. (2010). If I get laid off now (June 2011), do I get paid for summer?

To generate more income.

You can always tutor after school or on the weekends. I know some educational consultants to parents and students earning $25 per hour, but they really know their stuff, as I know most of you do. You would work one on one with a parent and child, and set your own hours. The greatest part is you would be your own boss. I have done it, and may do more in the summer, or after school one or two days per week or per month. You build your own base, and you can work from home in a quiet area. Where there is a will, there is a way. You work as much or as less, as you want.You teach parentsand children how to educate themselves. www.starfall.com is a great website for home education.

Education is the very best retirement plan.

Wages in WI

I just got hired in Waukesha county in WI my starting pay is 12.50. I get all holidays paid including the day after thanks giving, 10 sick days 4 personal days. We also get a stipend of 400.00 a month divided between the 2 checks a month, half of it has to go in to a retirement fund the other half you can keep. We also get free life insurance 30,000, free dental, also joined into a union. We don't get paid July or Aug but we do get paid for the entire month of June. All days off and half days are paid. We get a .50 raise every year up to 20.00 then a .25 after that. I have no college degree or experence.


This is my second year as a certified Para in Louisiana I get 10,200.00 before taxes. I also have all benifits and get paid 12 months of the year.


Hi everyone - I'm new to the site and think that this is great!!

As far as the discussion on wages, I started as a para at a local elementary school here in Colorado about 2 months ago and I am earning $9.42 per hour. We pay into PERA (at 8%) but receive COLA adjustments and a small percentage increase after a 90 day evaluation etc., Benefits are offered but are a little expensive although we do accrue paid sick days and personal days and certain paid holidays. No pay however over the vacation periods!!

It's interesting to see the varying wages offered to us when we are all working in the same industry and basically doing the same job!!

I have now been in my school district for 2 years and I am currently earning just over $11/hr. Frequent step raises and COLA increases have raised my wages nicely - hopefully more to come...

Teaching Assistant


I live in the UK but we are moving to PA sometime this year (Paperwork holding us up!) I'm a TA in a middle school (9-13 yrs) and I get paid for the whole 12 months, averaged out over the year so that we are paid during holiday time too. I have a speech and language qualification as well as holding literacy support groups, I also trampoline coach! I can't believe how varied the pay scale is in America, I thought we were under-valued in the UK but it seems worse in the USA!!

I've been a para professional

I've been a para professional in New York for 12 years. Top salary for a para professional is 32,500. That is for an Ed Associate. The lowest level of pay is a little over 20,000. We belong to the UFT union, and receive just about the same benefits as the teachers. We have no prep periods, but have the same lunch times, no lunchroom duty at all. We get paid all year round,(summers off) and have off with pay whenever the school is closed!..Great health coverage, and terrific persion

The Pay of Para's in Maine

It is nice to see what other Paras are making through out the country. I see now comparing to what most people are getting the wages in Maine are nearly at the top. I will say though there is a wide range from the bottom of the payscale to the top. Starting out at the bottom the pay is about 9,000 a year however at the best districts a para can make into the mid 20's. I have been working as a Para for 4 years and currently make about $20,000.

Para in Douglasville, GA

I have been working as a para now for about 2 years. Before that I worked in food service where I was paid about 1500.00 less than a Para. I had been in the cafe. for 5 years! Now I make about 11000.00 a year but I have benefits coming out. So in reality I gross about 982.00 a month and have 545.00 in deductions! I am in a High School setting and I love it. I also work with the Sped. Department Head so I am very busy! We are not part of a union and I just came across this web site and like others I had no idea there was such a site!

Vacation and Snow days?

Can anyone tell me if they are paid for snow days and vacations? I am also curious to learn if we can qualify for any benefits during our summer months when we are misplaced from work temporarily? I have just taken on a large rent payment and am a little concerned about my financial situation come the summer etc.,


I have worked as a Para/Aide for 13 years in Kansas and I just now am making $9.95 an hour. I have done everything from Special Ed to lunch room help. Currently I run the grade school library and teach all library skills classes to K-6th grade. I order books, process them and do crafts and puppet shows. I do lesson plans myself and also teach the reference materials for 3rd-6th grade. Next year I will be doing Kindergarten art on top of this. I think it is crazy what a Para gets paid! Here it is less than a sub. I love working with children and feel like I do well at my job, I have 2 years of college and go to any training the district will allow. Many times I feel like finding something else to make more money.


I'm a teacher's aide in Western PA. The district I work for doesn't offer any benefits, sick time or personal time off. We get docked for snow delays, eary dismissals and don't get paid through the summer. Cafeteria workers and janitors make at least $5.00 a hour more than we do. Currently the aides in my building have banned together and asked for a raise and a few personal days and sick days. I have been with the district for about 6 years and work 110% everyday (so do the other aides)and I feel we deserve better!! Does anyone have any information that we can use to try and get a fair wage?

I have been a para in NYC

I have been a para in NYC for 10 years. I had 30 college credits and got a little over 24k. Now i have gotten 60 credits and will earn over 28k. I get benefits, dental, medical, and get 10 sick days per year. The top salary for a para in NYC is about 34k with a Bachelor degree.

Paraprofessional Pay in TN

I've been working as a parapro (working with behavorial challenged autistic kids) for 5 years. The salary for Hamilton County school district is a little over $13,000 annually. Note that I have as associates degree and the pay never increases.


Suffolk County, NY - BOCES Para Salary about $16,000 - 180 days a year, included medical/dental benefits, sick days and personal days. Rec'd benefits and salary year round. Was able to work summer schedule for extra pay and rec'd sub pay at the rate of $75 per day. Yearly salary then became about $22K with all considerations above. Only step scale, no recognition of credits beyond AS degree, which was necessary to obtain certification. Would appreciate hearing from other Long Island Para's on other School District pay. Supposedly, the BOCES scale is based on the L.I. average. Thanks.

I'm an Elem. School Parapro

I'm an Elem. School Parapro in IN (100% of my day is in 1:1 or small group instruction). I earn a little over 13K & work a 30 hr. week.  You need a min. 48 hrs. College credit or you must pass the PARAPRO exam effective 2010-2011 school yr. I love my job, however, I don't know that I'd be able to keep it  if I were a single parent or  the primary breadwinner.  I have no benefits & our pay isn't even set up through the District where we can exhange/extend our pay through the Summer months when school isn't in session.     

Hi, I have been a

Hi, I have been a paraprofessional for 20 years in New York City. My salary for 2010-2011 is $36,840.00 which includes a longevity amount of $1800.00 plus health benefits, pension, annuity, & etc. We have excellent Union Representatives. We are working under the previous contract which expired October 2009, hopefully our UFT Union and the City can work out a new contract this year which will benefit everyone with a new raise of 1% - 10% I hope this happens soon! Paraprofessionals are treated with respect at my school. Teachers and Paras belong to the same Union and attend all Professional Development Meetings, Workshops, & other meetings relating to students academics & emotional development. You have to know your rights and stand your ground. Knowledge is power that is why praraprofessionals in NYC are regarded not as second class citizens but as valuable assets to classroom teachers, students, parents, and to the NYC Dept of Education.


I asked in a prior posting if anyone knew about our entitlement to unemployment benefits during the 2.5 months we are laid off each summer. I haven't noted any response and am still curious... Any help out there??

para pay

I work in Alabama as a Spe. Ed. Para in an elementary school and this is my 10th year. I make 14,600 per year. That is for 187 days, four of those days are inservice and work days without students. Our pay is spread out so we are paid for 12 months. We can have health benefits taken out but I don't have that. I have the supplemental dental and vision care only. We earn a sick day every month and start with 5 personal days each yr. 2 are paid for but the others are not. These will roll over into sick days the next year if they are not used. After 10 years of service they pay for three personal days. As a para we are told we are not supposed to do bulletin boards, make copies or actually teach. We are to reinforce what the teacher has taught. We are not supposed to be in charge of a class by ourselves and we are not supposed to come up with the resource material for the children to use each day unless we are one on one with a child. Although most of these things we do on a daily basis anyway.

I worked as a Special Ed para

I worked as a Special Ed para at a middle school in one of the biggest school districts in the state and I have a Bachelor's degree.

IMy first year pay is just over $12,000 a year, and right now we are getting no increases for years...it's a pretty laughable wage really,

especially considering we are being used in a co-teaching/instructional role.


does anyone know what kind of benefits and wages Boces of Steuben county in NY pay and do they pay like the schools only 10 months of the year

Tired of being under valued

Tired of being under valued and under paid- para Louisiana 4years

I have been a Para for 4 years. I have a bachelors degree. After taxes I take home 1180.00/month. I feel I should be paid more for the work that I do. I thought about getting certified to teach but the way they are treating teachers now, I changed my mind. I am going to look for a higher paying job in the school system whilst working on my masters degree in business admin. I plan on applying as a secretary in the school system. As a secretary I would make 1700.00/ month plus bonuses. I know sad!

rural Missouri

I have recently applied for a Para job in small town Mo. I was told that my starting salary if hired would be a figure of almost 20k per year. I dont know about bennefits, sick leave, etc at this time. I have read every post here and one thing noone has mentioned is the cost of living in their area. Mo has the 6th lowest COL. 12.00 an hour here is better than than 15.00 p/h in RI ranked # 41 Your salary may not be so bad afterall.

Para-Pro OHIO

I was hired Jan. 2008 as a paraprofessional at a starting rate of $10 at a charter school in Ohio. I do have full benefits (contribute about $70 a pay for family), 50% tuition reimbursement but only 4 personal/sick days. I DO NOT get paid for any vacations, summer months, snow days, early dismissal, etc.... I wish there were a union for us parapro's to set a higher standard for wages. I do have a BA degree in English and am currently renewing my teaching certificate as well as adding a reading endorsement to my certificate. I am constantly pulled to 'substitute' and do not get any fringes or higher pay for doing so. Thanks for this site!

I'm thinking about relocating

I'm thinking about relocating from NYC (where I have worked as a para since 2007) to either Georgia or Florida. Do paras in those 2 states receive benefits such as MEDICAL, dental, optical, sick days leave, paid summer vacation, retirement plan, etc. ? How about unionization? Do paras have their unions in those states? What is the salary for an Associate degree holder? Please respond if you can be helpful. I've been researching internet for the past two weeks, but it is very time consuming. It also seems as para jobs and its conditions differ according to state's region/district. Please be helpful, thanks.  

Finding a fair wage

I am in Seneca Illinois and I am wondering how I can find out what a fair wage is for a paraprofessional. I have my certificate but have not worked as a paraprofessional yet but I have 20 years experience in pediatrics. where I worked closly with children every day and dissused treatment needs with parents daily. Also I have experience working at the front desk. When I am looking for a fair wage will this experience count when an employer considers my wage? If so does anyone know were I can type in this information and get the hourly wage that I should get?

Hi, I work for a school in

Hi, I work for a school in the south suburbs of Chicago. This is my fourth year as a parapro. When I first started I was making $9.00 an hour during the probationary period. After my probation was up I received an additional $2.00 because I opted out of taking the insurance. I went back to school and got addtional credits and my lane was changed. I was then raised to $14.25 an hour, in addition to the extra $2.00 for not taking the insurance. I now make $16.25 after four years. We get insurance, work 185 days and year with two personal days and eight sick days. Our work week is thirty two and a half hours.

I have been working in Nampa,

I have been working in Nampa, Idaho as a paraprofessional for 18 years. My present wage is $12,840 with medical, 10 days of sick leave and 1 personal day. My kids tell me I could make more doing something else, but I really enjoy my summers off and working with the kids.

Why is it that para can not

Why is it that para can not collect unemployment in the summer? I work 37 1/2 hours a week with no benefits. We are off for 12 weeks in the summer. When Ford's shuts down they get unemployment. Is there any lobbying going on to change this? I do not get benefits from my job either and they will not let us buy the county insurance. We have to purchase the teachers insurance which is more than I make.

Hi Everyone!!! Noone will

Hi Everyone!!! Noone will answer this question but I live in New York City. My question is, I know teachers will be laid off but does this Lay off include Paraprofessionals too? I have the strange feeling it will be done on the last day of school. Should I be concerned?

Hi i just have a question for

Hi i just have a question for any paras out there thats in Ny... I am a stay ahome mom with 2 kids and i was thinking about using the online program for the para profession with the universities on the compter... and I was just wondering if I was able to use the credits if I did the schooling over the computer or that wouldn't quilfy          

I'm getting ready to go to

I'm getting ready to go to college and I think that I would enjoy being a para educator but I do not want to go into college for two years just to get a little above minium wage......so I was wondering if you could help me decide. I live in a small town in Virginia with a small population. Would it be worth it?


I work as a special ed para in rural Minnesota. I have been with this school district for 19 years. I now make $13.46 per hour. We have sick leave we can accumulate up to 100 days (I am at 100 days - I know - that's crazy, but, I'm rarely sick!!). We do not get paid for snow days, we have 2 paid holidays, we have 0 personal days, we do not get paid for any in-service days and they will not spread our pay out over the summer. We were required to do the competencies as required by NCLB and believe me - our district made us work. I have a huge portfolio and spent many, many unpaid hours attending classes and completing the paperwork!!!!

wage pay

Highland park paraprofessional has to be lowest parapro in the united state
I can't live off this but I love work with children. I'm a special education parapro and i make $12.00 and hour I'm on the last step. I've been working for the district for 15 year I'm below proverty.

Liningston parish (Louisiana)

From what I have found, I am a new Para, if you have a degree you make $20 an hour and no degree it is $12.5 an hour.

Hi Everyone I am a certified

Hi Everyone
I am a certified para I been working as a para for 2 year now in georgia . I am earning 8.78 per.hr.. Benefit is available, but too expensive. I make less than 10,000 a year.

parapro salary henry county ga

Can anyone tell me the starting salary for a school parapro in henry county ga, and the required qualifications? Thanks. Donna

Para pay in Atlanta

I was glad to hear about your pay in Douglasville, GA. I'm thinking of becoming a paraprofessional also, but had NO idea what type of salary I would be getting. Do you have any information on how much PARA's make in Atlanta and the surrounding counties.

Please respond

Would you happen to know...?

Recently, I received my Para-Pro certification,but am yet to be employed within the school system. Do you know of any existing programs (here in GA.) that will pay for your continued education in becoming a Teacher.
Terry in Henry Cnty.

Vacation & snow days

I have been working as a para for 11 years now in Massachusetts and we do not get paid for snow days or any vacations. We are not able to collect unemployment either. You would think that we would be able to since our pay is so low.


ask them for a increase or call in a union
we have a union at our school isd

Long Island para/aide salary

I work in a Nassau County NY school district and I make $20 and hour which they "annualize" so it actually only comes out to $23,000 for ten months of work. Then I can really make $20 an hour working the six week summer program with special ed. students. So I make $26,000 for the year. Oh, and I work specifically as an Applied Behavior Analysis Aide working w/ Autistic students (we make more than say kindergarten paras (they make $17 "an hour"). I don't get benefits, we do not get paid for snow days, or when the school is closed. I have been in the field for about 10 years, and I have my bachelors degree in psychology. This is the most I have made being a para. And NY has health plans at a lower cost for low income people, but shelling out $230 a month plus is a lot, especially on this salary. We bust our butts, especially working with the special ed. population and do not get the respect we deserve, it's horrible!

Average Salaries of Para's in Pa

I work as a para and a health aide in a district outside of Reading, Pa. I am trying to get a line on the average salaries in the state. I recently found out that another nurse in our district is making about $35,000 more a year than I am. I realize that I am an LPN, but I perform 2 jobs to her one. I also possess my certification in this state as a para which I recieved last June. After gettting my cert, I was promised a raise which I have yet recieved. I will be persuing the issue, but I would like to have all the stats and be prepared, before I do. Oh by the way, I work in special education.

becoming a para

I am in college to become a teacher and was wondering how do I start out by being a para.Any advise would be of great help.

Thank you

I think I should move

I think I should move Minneapolis. I currently live in NYS, after 12 years in special ed, I make $ 9.50/hour.

Unemployment Benefits

Scotlass, I have learned working in 2 states that it is different in each one. In Colorado I could but in Washington I can't. You will have to contact your unemployment office to find out. They are always more than happy to help you out. I know the people here in Washington had the responce of...I wish you could, you should be able to. But unfortunitly you can't.

Now, I believe some changes have been made in Washington as to how you qualify for unemployment so I have a call into them. I am waiting to hear back. So even if you get a no one year, don't stop asking because as things change so do qualifications.

Good luck!


I am glad to see your commitment to the union support. SEIU is the union we have here in Nebraska, it is hard to get para educators to join as they always feel the do not want to lose the money to be members. It is one hour of pay plus about $14.00.
I understand that our income is limited, but we all need to support the people who go to bat for us and to attend the meetings and the negotiations that help us get what we deserve.
I am curious why you would think we should be paid enough to be off all summer and not need an additional job. How many people do you know that get 3 months of vacation every year? And they are off 2 weeks at Christmas and one week in the spring?
Let's be realistic about that time off. I agree we should be paid more than we are, especially since we are expected to do more and more and we need to present ourselves as professionals. Professional development is so important and it really is up to the para educator to track it down. The summer is a good time to take classes or work a job that is fun and has flexible hours.
You can contact our chief steward or president if you are interested in starting a union, go to the SEIU website we are Local 226 in Omaha, Nebraska. I am the representative for the para educators.

Enjoy your Christmas break.


I live in Yakima School District in Washington State. I have been a Parapro in East Valley School District and get 14.38 per hour. 3 personal days per year, full benifits. We have salary advancement for 30 hours of continue education classes per year. We are Union with PSE.

Tumwater, WA

We signed a new contract this December. Our top is $15.00 we get 2 personal days and full benifits. We only get education advancement if we are "Highly Qualified." We are with WEA and I am a Co-President of the Tumwater Association of Paraeducators (TAP).

"Highly Qualified

I live in Washington State. I have been a paraeducator for over 8 years here and a few years in Alaska. What do you mean by you get education advancement if you are "Highly Qualified?" I have a bachelors degree, but no teaching certificate.

"Highly Qualified"

It is a test you must pass in Illinois to keep your job as a para. They let go many paras, after giving them three years to pass the test. Some had been paras for 15 years or more, but they were not rehired last August. I have a degree also, but I am pushing towards 70 (age), and I love the small groups, or the one on one. If I was in my twenties today, I would try to get a Ph.D in education, and try to make the schools better. I see many thins that could be improved, and I do speak out, but uness you have advanced degrees, not anyone listens. Teachers are born, and expeience should make them better.I love teaching"out of the box". I still may start my own Kindergarten Prep for Parents and Children, with 1-4 clients. after school, and during the summer. Parents need help also.


I am sorry you feel the way you do about people not listening. I am in my 30's I LOVE being a Para and I don't want to be a teacher. The teachers I work with and the admin of my school and other schools I have worked at are always asking me for my opinion. When I have a suggestion they listen and usually allow me to try my ideas. I have always been invited to IEP meetings.

A degree doesn't get people to listen to you in my experance.

Highly Qualified (ESEA) in Washington

Here is the language we have in our contract about being "highly qualified" This title is refering to those who get paid by Title 1 money. It is only a requirement for those paid by this funding. If you don't work in a Title one position then you don't have to take the test or have a min. of a 2 year dagree.

Your district wouldn't have said anything or worried about you if they already had verification of your degree because that would have take care of your qualifications. If you don't get money for this you should talk to your bargaining team and have it added to the list of things to ask for at reopen time.

Again here is our language, it might not be perfect or a lot of money but we are always working on it as time goes on.


The District shall pay each employee who has met the ESEA Standard either through testing, portfolio preparation, or the achievement of two years of study at an institution of higher education, an annual stipend as follows:

2008-2009 $70
2009-2010 $85
2010-2011 $100

Payment of the ESEA Stipend will be provided annually at the end of the calendar year (December). Paperwork verifying that members have met the ESEA standard must be submitted to Human Resources by December 1 if that paperwork has not been previously submitted.

I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me or have an bargaining team member contact me if there are any questions.


I follow whatever my teachers want me to do.I have many young teachers who do like my materials, but they are age and grade suitable. Everyone teacher, but I say I tutor, for as long as a child learns, everyone can give an input, with the teacher having the final say. I have so many teachers who love my ideas and I love theirs, so we share. I do not want to be alone with the children, but things happen, and I have had to be with the children, without any added pay. I rather work with small groups, than an entire classroom, but I know how to do both. My "centers" are to die for,and God gives me the ideas, and they work. I learn from others, and even from my students. Teachers are born and not made. Experience is the very best teacher....

I feel an excellent union

I feel an excellent union gets the best wages etc. A union was already installed, when I started 5 years ago, and I am very thankful for the union, while reading about other states.
I notice that it is wher you are located, that depends on your income, and that goes for teachers also. Champion is a website that gives you the salaries of teachers all over America. I will put the exact website here, when I get it correctly.

Para Wages

Only advice I can give you and your other paras-if you want the district to REALLY listen, think of becoming a member of a union. I worked in CT for many, many years and when reps. would negotiate any kind of a raise in pay and/or benefits it fell on deaf ears. The lawyer for the town told me once,"Get a REAL job" if you want benefits. After many years our group in Bethel, Ct. did join a union, we did get benefits, if the paras agree and take the health insurance that cuts down a lot in what you take home as far as salary, but they do get sick days, paid
holidays but no pay in the summer. It's not great but its come a long way since I started there over twenty years ago. Hope this helps.

Salary For Henry County, GA

Hi Anonymous! I have applied to be a paraprofessional for Henry County and I'm having trouble locating the salary schedule for paraprofessionals. Did you find out of what the starting salary is and if you are currently employed with the county how has you experience been?

Follow Up

Hi Donna. I applied to be a paraprofessional in Henry County and I'm having trouble locating the pay schedule. Were you able to find out how much is the starting pay? Also if you are currently employed by Henry County how has your experience been?

Follow Up

Hi Donna. I applied to be a paraprofessional in Henry County and I'm having trouble locating the pay schedule. Were you able to find out how much is the starting pay? Also if you are currently employed by Henry County how has your experience been?

Follow Up

Hi Donna. I applied to be a paraprofessional in Henry County and I'm having trouble locating the pay schedule. Were you able to find out how much is the starting pay? Also if you are currently employed by Henry County how has your experience been?

Hi Donna. I applied to be a

Hi Donna. I applied to be a paraprofessional in Henry County and I'm having trouble locating the pay schedule. Were you able to find out how much is the starting pay? Also if you are currently employed by Henry County how has your experience been?

Wow this is very exciting to

Wow this is very exciting to hear. I have attained 60 credits and am in the process of looking for a para position for the 2009-10 school in Wisconsin. Because of your comment, I will be broadining my networking in to Waukesha. Thanks

Wages: Hi that is great, I


Hi that is great, I have been a para for 5 years and only make 11.00/hr. We do get sick days and personal days, family sick, and bereavement days. We do not have any step system, you can have an Associates Degree or not it would not matter. The pay is the same. I like the step system, that is a great idea and gives you the incentive to work harder to improve your professional value to your district.

What is required of you to be

What is required of you to be certified? Our school district here in New Jersey is in the process of requiring to be highly qualified, either by taking a state test or having an Associates Degree. It really is a shame that the pay for this profession is so low.

There is a serious problem

There is a serious problem with education in America for sure. I am fortunate to be in Massachusetts where we are better compensated.I live in Springfield,ma.When I started in 2005 the pay was still higher than most states at 9.79...once our union contract was settled the year after the pay jumped to over 12.30..and the steps go up to over 16...but then you earn 2 percent raises yearly. We get full benefits and paid a 32.5 hr week. I know Boston area pays as high as 17 to 21...I cannot believe people still earn less than 15000 a year in this day in age ...wow...that is not right

Also you do need to have an

Also you do need to have an associates degree or pass the work keys test as a new hire...here in MA

I am in the process of

I am in the process of becoming a para, do you know what the starting salary is for a para entering in Sept of 2011? c

slightly above $20 K for the

slightly above $20 K for the first year, after a year it depends on your college credits, the scale goes up to $35K for baschelors degree holders

I am a fellow member of the

I am a fellow member of the NRCP. Dear Special Educator, I am a Doctoral Candidate and would like to recruit 100 volunteers to participate in my research study. The purpose of this study is to gain information about special education teachers and paraprofessionals who service students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The focus of this study is to determine special education teacher and paraprofessional level of knowledge, training and practice of Autism Spectrum Disorder and techniques. This study will further identify: a) the future training needs for special education teachers and paraprofessionals. b) data to support experts in developing "high quality" trainings and post-secondary programs to improve the overall quality of educational services for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. If you consent to completing a survey and/or to participate in 45-minute interview please send your contact information to heart1095@yahoo.com. If you happen to know of interested special education paraprofessionals for this study please feel free to forward this information to them. Once I receive your contact information I will provide further details. Thanks So Very Much, Dara Lindsay


I am from Fremont, Iowa and I started out at $6.00 an hour. But then our school is a small rural town. :(


In Jackson Michigan, paraeducators start at $7.50/hr with H.S. diploma. We have a 4 step scale, for every 15 college credits earned, up to 45 credits currently. We top out at about $13.00/hr with more than 11 years and 45 credits. Of course, we will no longer be able to hire those with only a HS diploma since our buildings are School wide Title 1. Interestingly, I opened my local newspaper recently and read that we are "well paid", according to our superintendent who wanted to eliminate about 40 of us! Many of our lower seniority paras are part time, make about $7,000 per year. Low seniority paras, who will be laid off this fall, make about $13,000. I was very surprised to discover that is well paid!! :o :o Our special education staff, called teacher assistants here, start at about $13.00/hr, top out around $15.50- 16.00, I think. We are separate local unions. Interpreters for the hearing impaired are paid more than that. Hope this is what you need! NinaB

Do you like working in Jackson?

I saw your message about what paras make in your area and I was wondering if you like working there. I am in Plymouth Michigan. I am looking for a job as a para. I have an associate degree in Paraprofessional. Cindy Piper


:( Here in my district in Texas, a paraprofessional starts out around $11,000/yr.

texas wages

I made less than 9,000 last year. I also live in Texas.

Paraprofessional in Texas

Do you know if being bilingual the wage is higher??
I live in Austin, Tx


In St.Louis you have to have at least 60 college credict hours. The pay scale is based on 1-20. At step 1 you make $13,300. Step 20 is $ 25,800.


Having just been hired as a paraprofessional - the pay scale in South Florida seems to be comparable to the rest of the country. Starting wage- $7.76 to $12.07 8)


In my district, everyone is paid more than paras. Although we make up the biggest part of the support group, we have only 8 steps, the others have 10-14 steps. Even the night cleaning crew makes more money than paras. I can't understand the push to have all paras to get more education, if pay does not increase.


:roll: Rochester, New York Parprofessionals $11.000 - $23,000 I could be as much as $29, 000 pending years of service and special area computer tech para, poolpara, bi-lingualpara ect.. after school programs, Title 1 ect. clubs If we in all 50 states are required to become certified that title should change to teacher asst. WE SHOULD RECIVE EXTRA $$$$$$


Hi Sioux City Sue, I am Kathy from Whiting just 30 miles south of you. I am an Elementary Computer Lab manager. I have been here for seven years. I am at $9.50 for wages. I am anxious to find out what will happen with the new legislation about para's being certified. Are you a certified para? Kathy :wink:

Wages in Mesa,AZ

I've worked for Mesa Public Schools for a little over 6 years now in various positions from cafeteria food server to special ed. instructional aide, to night custodian and back to being an aide again. The best pay of course was custodial starting at 8.99 and after 2 years up to 9.98. Then when I changed to being an aide again I dropped down to 7.71 an hour.This is my 2nd year at this position and I am currently making 8.02 an hour. The most rewarding part of the job is actually working with the kids. I learn something new everyday from them. The new legislation though, may force me to back to custodial work, because what we get paid does not pay for the college classes we are being forced to attend.
Worked for MPS for over 6 years in various positions, the most rewarding as a paraprofessional

hey, do paras iz AZ receive

hey, do paras iz AZ receive benefits package along with their salary? Do yoiu get paid for the summers? Do you belong to any union? Thanks for your reply :) I'm seriously thinking about moving to AZ from NYC where I've worked as a para for the past 4 years. Thanks again :)


:D Hello everyone. This area had quite a few posts, so I thought I would introduce myself here. I am currently exploring returning to school to get my Bachelor's in teaching (elementary). I currently have an AA. I'm interested in knowing more about paraprofessionals...do districts post these jobs? In the school districts around me, I've never seen a listing for a paraprofessional in their job openings. Any info on how to start, training, etc. would be welcomed from those of you already in the field. This might be a good alternative, or precursor to continuing my education. Feel free to email me direct. Thanks so much. Jalon


Hi Kathy I'm not a certified paraprofessional our district does not reconize certification. It would mean a pay diffence. See NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND LEG. I'm A full time lifeguard :o

Wages in Washington State

I am a para who has been in Special Education for 8 years now. We start out at $10.65 a hour and after a year go up to 11.35 a hour. This year with a 3.6% raise and being with this district 4 years I am making 11.97 a hour and I work 6.5 hours per day with 2 personal days off pre year. We are going into a new contract this year and we are hoping to add steps for longevity for those who have been loyal employees for many years. I have noticed that we are low on the salary compared to the food service,bus drivers,custodians and even the secretaries too. I will try and keep in touch or you can email me and let me know how it is going as a para educator now that the new law came into effect. :lol:

I am in my sixth year in the

I am in my sixth year in the sped. dept. at our local grade school.  In the six years I have been a para, my hours have gone from

gone from 35 per week to 31.25 per week.  We received no pay increase last year and just a .14 per hour increase this

year.  We pay for our medical, dental, and vision (plus any other health benefit). 

I have heard that our higher-ups could have given us more, but chose not to.  The only way we can get work done,

other than one-on-one with students, (i.e. paper work, copying, etc.) is to stay late or come in early, voluntarily.

I like my job, but despise the pay.  There is not much around here right now and I have an AA in paralegal, but

chose to stay here because of commuting difficulty (not to mention longer hours at work and less hours with


I am seeing other states that start out with more than I make now.  I don't know if our paraeducator liaison to the

administration and school board is the problem or we are just too easy to put one over on. 

Anyone out there have rock solid advice?! 

Signed - Kansas


Hi, I am a parapro in Michigan and I enjoy it. I do have a question for you also, how do you get a degree for a parapro?


brand new PE parapro in a country Georgia school $8+ per hour to start.. 8) 8)


What's the role of a PE para?


Definetely yes! Para should get a pay increase$$$$. As they are specialist that help with disadvantaged/handicapped students in the schools.
Hi!, My name is Rita and I'm new to this site, and am a Special Needs Paraprofessional.


Attend school at your local college. That is if they have a Paraprofessional Program there for students that are interested. Call your local college and others in your area. They may be willing to send you this information, or you can go there to pick it up at the counselors office. Good luck!
Hi!, My name is Rita and I'm new to this site, and am a Special Needs Paraprofessional.


Im in Schenectady, NY and am considering a job as a Para. Does anyone know what the starting pay in this district is ? Also, are there any certifications required ? Thanks, Jo


Hi, Im in south suburbs of Chicago, currently I am a teachers aide but have also been a paraprofessional, all coo-ops are different if they call you a paraprofessional or sign language interpreter you are paid better around $15.00, currently with a different coo-op and name change to teachers aide im at $11.05, same school though, funny huh. Also here by 2007' all paraeducators will need 60 credit hours or no job.

Narragansett, RI Wages for Parapros

The wages in my town, a small beach community of about 25,00 people seems to be higher than most/all posted here. I am not bragging just commenting and letting others see and realize how strong the NEA Union here in Rhode Island is and could be in your state. Parapros currently earn$13.62/hr after 3 years. They start out at $10.39 for probationary pay. These are this years union contract wages. In 2004-2005 school year they go to Probationary pay: $12.38 and Step 3: 15.88. I have not seen any higher over a three year period. Our union representation for Parapros is excellent and the administration must feel we are worth it.

pay wage in Sandpoint, ID

Hi, The starting pay is around $9.10 and each year get a 10 cent raise. BUT there has been a pay freeze for the last three years. It Bites! :x Now they are making job cut's.


Hi. I'm in SD and I started at $5.15 five years ago. I currently make $6.70 an hour. There is a proposal on the table for para's to go to $8.00 once we pass the ParaPro (pretty easy test). If we complete 48 credits, we would go to $10.00, and a 64 credit Paraprofessional Degree would earn $12.00 / hour. Right now starting paras get $6.90/hour. But, in another smaller town where there is an indian reservation and where federal funding is utilitized, wages are about $2.00 higher.


In our state, you have to have 64 credit hours of college. I am taking on-line internet courses, and I'm also taking correspondence courses. Our state allows you to join a consortium, and then you have access to all 7 state colleges. I plan to take 12 credits a semester (including summer) and should get my degree in about 2 years.


You should be happy that your state recognizes the value of a para. Do you have to have a degree? Here in SD, in my city, a new para starts at $6.90 /hour. BUT! I have been here for 5 years, and was hired at $5.15, so because of the hourly wage increase, I am now making 20 cents an hour LESS than a new para. Hopefully this will be rectified, and I'll be making about $7.80 this year through a new step process. I made about $7200 this year.

Paras in south Florida

Hi I will be moving to Weat Palm Beach area in the next few months. What school are you going to work for.I have worked as a Para in New York for many years, at this time I also train Para. How can I find schools that are looking for paras in the West Palm Beach area Joy

para wages

I have worked as a para in Oregon and am now looking for employment in WA state. In Oregon I started at $9.81. Scale one has steps 0-3, $9.81-$10.72 (ed assistants) and the second scale is for behavioral assistants and this has seven steps, steps 0-6 $11.19-14.59. Looking for employment in WA, I have noticed a difference from district to district but it has been around $12.00-15.00. I actually just got a job at a private LD school and I will only be making $1,500 month (gross/salary) working full-time (hard to find 8hr) about $9.00. It looks like paraeducator pay is all over the board!!!! :roll:


:wink: I just found this website but wanted to add my 2 cents =O) I live and work in COlumbus Ohio as a certified Instructional Assistant and we start at 10.75 with a raise to 11.75 after the first year. Raises are given every two years after that.

I just found this website. I

I just found this website. I realize your response was years ago. However, I am an educational aide in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Are you in a union? Our local consists of 42 ed aides who are unhappy with our union. We are looking to join a union who will fight for us. We are tired of being the lowman on the totem pole, below janitors and cafeteria workers in wages and benefits. Any help?

Hi, I just found this

Hi, I just found this website, and I live in New Jersey and have been an Aide for about 5 years and make $10.90/hr. We are considered P/T and work 29.5 hrs week. We have no benefits and we are also union. I am not happy with our union either. I feel that all they do is take our money. We don't have tenure or seniority. I also have to agree with one of the prior blogs that why do we need to be so top heavy Admin wise. Our cafeteria and clerical aides are at the same level as the para's. We are all under the same contract.

I live in Northern N.J. I

I live in Northern N.J. I have a teachers aide cert.  I presently attend Bergen Community College for a certificate program for special ed. I started 2 years ago and am now making 14.57 an hour. I work 28 1/2 hrs and have no benefits except pension and life insurance. I don't believe I am under a union though. Depending on where you work and if they are Title 1 schools determines what the requirements are and how much you get paid.

Can anyone tell me about

Can anyone tell me about unions for paras?  Been a para for 14 years.  Everything from Bookkeeper in a larger school district to In-School-Suspension to library/receptionist to inclusion aide.  We are always being moved around and under-utilized.  I have never heard of a union for paras before reading it here.  We can join teacher associations but they don't do much for paras.  Thanks for any help you can give.  There are many of us wondering.

Pay in Upstate NY

I will be making $7.50/hr this year. This is my 7th year working as a teacher's "aide" (district term). It is a small rural district. I am considered full-time & recieve medical benefits, sick & personal days, even some paid holidays. I agree with many of you that we are the lowest paid employees in the schools. I also realize the budget crisis many states are under. But, I do question why our district needs a superintendent plus 2 assistant supers :?: (all with their own secretaries) :!: Although my job is providing instructional support in the special ed program, I am not considered an assistant because our district doesn't use them. I'd like to hear about others' job titles- and does anyone know how to define what is considered "instructional"?

Salary for para

Here in NYC for 90 credits your salary is about 26,800 :)

That good for a para pay:) In

That good for a para pay:) In Georgia, special ed in middle is 17740

Do you get benefits in

Do you get benefits in Georgia, such as medical, dental, optical, sick leave days, paid vacation, retiremant plan, etc.? Do paras belong to any union? I'm thinking about moving to GA from NYC, here we have all of that. Thanks for being helpful :)

As of today, NYC pays

As of today, NYC pays slightly over $30K for paraprofessional with Associate degree.

Hello - I am from Bergen

Hello - I am from Bergen County NJ and am interested in becoming a paraprofessional. I'm hopeful someone can answer some questions for me.

A little about my background. I have an AAS degree in Retail (about 63 credits) however I have worked in computer based positions for about 12yrs till the birth of my son in 1997.  When he turned 5 I went to work as a lead teacher for a preschool for a few yrs then decided to try substituting. I am really enjoying working with children and especially love that it enables me to have quality time at home with my own children with such child friendly hours.

ANYWAY, substituting is very unpredictable and I have found over the last few years that its feast or famine. I can get several calls for the same day or none for weeks.  So I would like to learn about the paraprofessional field. It will allow me the hours I need as well as the ability to continue to work with children. 

Can anyone give me some insight. I know I will receive on the job training but  where can I find training prior to obtaining a position, what kind of training I should look into? Also, what is considered full time hours in Bergen County  and what is the average hourly pay for a new paraprofessional in Bergen County NJ?

Any insight would be gratefully appreciated. :D

Hello - I am from Bergen

Hello - I am from Bergen County NJ and am interested in becoming a paraprofessional. I'm hopeful someone can answer some questions for me.

A little about my background. I have an AAS degree in Retail (about 63 credits) however I have worked in computer based positions for about 12yrs till the birth of my son in 1997.  When he turned 5 I went to work as a lead teacher for a preschool for a few yrs then decided to try substituting. I am really enjoying working with children and especially love that it enables me to have quality time at home with my own children with such child friendly hours.

ANYWAY, substituting is very unpredictable and I have found over the last few years that its feast or famine. I can get several calls for the same day or none for weeks.  So I would like to learn about the paraprofessional field. It will allow me the hours I need as well as the ability to continue to work with children. 

Can anyone give me some insight. I know I will receive on the job training but  where can I find training prior to obtaining a position, what kind of training I should look into? Also, what is considered full time hours in Bergen County  and what is the average hourly pay for a new paraprofessional in Bergen County NJ?

Any insight would be gratefully appreciated. :D


I will give you an idea of the rates of pay using 1999 pay scale in New York. teacher aide 15,692 6 credits educational assistant. 17,283 15 crediits educational assist.A-1 17,525 30 " educational assist. A-11 17,763 45 " educational assist. B 18,439 60 " educational associate 21,087 90 " 15 year longevity extra 1,110


Hi out there, I'm a new member :lol: and just learned about this site for Para's. As for wages, I work in a rural high school and I started out at 9.05/hr and after 3 yrs, I am now making 10.93/hr. I have a 2-yr degree in Office Administration and have been through the para workshops, and am certified as a sp. ed. para.

Are you from SD? We are at

Are you from SD? We are at South Central in Bonesteel and our para's start out at $9000 a year with full benefiits,


I am a para in Va. I have been certified for about 9 years. It took us a few years to get a little bit more than those not certified. I have been a para for 21 years (this year). I make a little over $15,000 a yr. Do you get any benefits? We have sick leave & personal leave. BJ

Yes, my district gives

Yes, my district gives Paraeducators benefits.  Sick leave and personal leave are generally granted no matter where you are.

II am in Missouri and it wasn't always this way.  I think if you have a union, you definitely should work toward getting 

mmedical benefits, especially if you work 30+ hours.


Hi all I live in a very rural area in Florida and work at the elementary school level as a Para for 4th grade students. I started (3 years ago) at $11K a year with full benefits (health, retirement program, dental, vision, life ins., disability, sick/personal leave). I am now earning a little over $14K, but that includes a 'step' raise of $1k for completing my Associates Degree training.


I live and work in San Diego county in a school district that has 24 schools from K through 12. I have been a paraprofessional (new term) for over 14 years. I am now making $ 16.00 approx. per hour/working a 30 hr. week. I do have benefits for myself that the district covers (medical,retirement,disability,sick/personal leaves,life&dental) I can, at this point in time, cover my husband and daughter for an additional $100.00 per month for med.& dental. We did not get a step raise when we had to become NCLB compliant and many of us have our Associate degrees. We are a union shop. It is sad that we do as much ans many of the teachers, yetget paid so very little in comaprison. Colette