Testing in PA

Hello, can someone direct me please. I live in carbon county PA and I want to take the para prof. assessment test. I do not have a degree to teach, I just want to apply for a teachers assistant in my district and I am told that it helps to have passed this test. I have searched online and can't find out exactly where I need to go to take this test, who I need to contact, etc. If anyone in Pa could direct me I would really appreciate it. Maybe even email me privately with a link that may be helpful for me.Thanks so much.....Jo



According the NCLB Act the test can't be given after 2006. Any new Para has to have 2 years of college, 48 credits or an Associates Degree.


I also understand that if

I also understand that if your school does not have title 1 aides you do not need to take the test anyway.

Testing for highly qualified para status

After June 30, 2006 school districts can only hire people who are highly qualified, but the definition of higly qualified is determined by the individual school district. Highly qualified under NCLB means that you have a two year degree Associates in any subject, or you meet the requirements as identified by your school district. That may be a test or in PA it may be the PA voluntary credential for Paraprofessionals. It is up to the individual school district how they are going to meet the highly qualified status if a person does not have a college degree. For information on the Voluntary Credential go to the PATTAN web site.
There is no one test given in the state of Pennsylvania. It is up to individual school districts as to what test they use to determine highly qualified status.
You can also contact your local Intermediate Unit to see if they are offering any course work for paraprofessionals.


After reading this I am surprised. I was hired with only a high school diploma. This was just last year. I do not have a degree and was not asked to take a test. There are several in our school the same way. This is in the Williamsport area, would that make some sort of difference? It almost makes me worry that I could lose my job if someone were to find out that our school does this. Our school also allows for aides to be alone with the students without a teacher in the room. From what I understand, this is not suppose to happen.

don't worry


You can be left alone with a child unless they are taking state tests or something. Before we were para's the teachers that are teachers now were para's. Therefore I think if you do this job long enough you develope an energy for learning that you can never rid yourself of. Education eill find you, doors will open just be prepared to go in when the time comes.


If your school district is

If your school district is not funded with Title 1 funds, then it is ok to be a paraprofessional without a higher education. However, if your school system is not complying with the Federal Title 1 No Child Left Behind program, you district could be in jeopardy. Otherwise, don't worry.

Same Boat as You

I was just hired this summer (Aug 2008) in a Pittsburgh School District (South Hills). I was not told of any requirements for a degree, but now I understand that I must begin to work on a two-year degree or take an exam to be considered "highly qualified". The paraprofessionals in our school district must now perform 20 hours of staff development classes per school year, on our own time, uncompensated!

paraprofessional in computer lab


I am a technology aide in the computer lab. I was wondering if I need to have a paraprofessional degree? I also am left alone with students during study halls. Is this allowed? If I switched jobs and became a teacher's aide in the near future could I get prepared now?

If you did switch to a

If you did switch to a teacher's aide most schools want a 2 year degree in education or pass the equivanlancy test.

I am currently in collage for

I am currently in collage for my degree. I was woundering if after I become a para and then go back to become a teacher does my experiance as a para count tword teaching?? 

The correct spelling is

The correct spelling is college. Thank God you won't be educating my children.

I do believe that you can

I do believe that you can find out the requirements for a para in PA through the Pattan site here www.pattan.net .  You can take the online classes there to become a certified highly qualified para.

I live in St. Louis,Misouri

I live in St. Louis,Misouri and I have over 70 hours college credits, I want to be a Teacher aide/ assistant, how do i go about proceeding this career.