What do most teacher aides do in the summer months when they do not have employment at the school? I just started working at the school and was concerned as to what I would do for income. Any input is helpful.


summer work

Many paraeducators work at our building as summer bus aides, custodians, and extra office jobs when available. Others pick up summer work with childcare workers.
Good luck!
It is sad that unemployment benefits are not available.

Jwelborn This is my third


This is my third year as a para I am on salary I get paid all the way until August. What is your circumstance? Some para's I know go to school full time work second jobs in the evening at dept. stores. Some baby sit, clean houses, wash cars .


Survivor on Para-Dice Island 2007

All paraeducators in Allegheny County and surrounding schools are welcome at the Monday, October 8th, Paraeducator In-Service at South Fayette School District. Last year Para-Dice, Rolling With the Changes, was a huge success. This uplifting all-day workshop is provided by paraprofessionals to paraprofessionals. For registration and details, please contact Leslie Willetts,