Paraprofessional training

I am a new resident of Arizona. I previously lived and worked as a paraprofessional in Indiana, with special ed, learning disabilities. There was talk there about a test, but no one knew anything about it. Now I am in Arizona would like to go to work in a school and can't find any one to tell me any information. If anyone can tell me where to look or go I would greatly appreciate it.


In my district there is no

In my district there is no test. But, from what I know from my sister in law from GA. What we do verses what she does is very different. We not only do what is needed to help and assist we also help educate for the most part.

I am from Payson Arizona and

I am from Payson Arizona and there is a two hour exam you must take. Go to and it tells you where to go, how you can order books to study, and also has a practice test