Paraprofessional Certification

Is there any new news on the requirements for paraprofessionals? The No Child Left Behind Act is creating more of a problem for us than anything. I have been a paraprofessional for 10 years and find this a bit of an insult! I currently "teach" in the elementary computer lab. Three years ago I helped in our library under the direction of a certified teacher. Two years ago, I saw the need for more in our computer lab and so talked to our principal and was given "free reign" to design and teach a program which meets all the state curriculum guidelines plus! I realize this is more than a paraprofessional should be doing, but I love it and am proud of the children's accomplishments. I don't think that the trouble with America's education system lies with the paraprofessional. Let me know if there is anything new. Thanks



i just want to know can an international student who has an associate degree in childhood education and has an experience 0f 3yrs as ateacher in her country can apply for parapro....while she is going to 4 yr college..plz reply


I've been looking over many of the posts, and a lot of folks seem to have questions about the parapro test. Any paraprofessional, current or new hire, now has to have 48 credit hours of college (60 in some states and districts), or an associates degree (or higher), or have scored high enough on the Parapro test to receive a passing score (the specific score required is dictated by state).

I have taken this test, being one credit hour short of the necessary fourty eight, and I have to say that in my opinion it has to be some kind of rather silly joke.

A person that cannot pass the Parapro has absolutely no place in a classroom. If you can't pass the Parapro, you probably can't add up the right change to give a customer in the McDonalds drive through either.

My fifth grader took the practice test and passed with flying colors. For me to consider that there might be a person in one of my children's classrooms that does not know the difference between a working verb and a preposition, or how to figure out what 70% of 200 extremely scary. Most of all though, if you have been working in a classroom for years, and still cannot answer a simple question about how best a para can respond to questions from children, maybe you're in the wrong profession.

So, if anyone truly wishes to know what the test is about, and exactly how easy it is to pass..go to and find out.

I have to say that I am surprised to see how indignant people are about having to comply with these new laws. Doing this ensures that the people in the classroom are responsible individuals who have enough knowledge to do the best that they can for each child. How could that possibly be a bad thing? This is about educating the kids in the best way we can, and making things better for them, not about a pile of put-out paras who feel that their pride is taking a beating because they have been asked to prove they have the necessary skills to do the job. If you've been a para for a few years, you might well have developed skills that are valuable in the classroom, but they don't add up to a hill of beans if you are not able to handle the academics behind what you are trying to teach.

Compliances like these are designed to weed out the few bad eggs, I say, suck it up and comply. I did. This isn't about me, and my, or your, over-inflated ego. It's about the kids. Please remember that folks.

Do I have to take the test to

Do I have to take the test to be a para pro?  I currently have my bachelor degree in Management and working toward my Masters in Education and type 4 certification I was told to be a para pro now all i need is a letter from a superintendent is this true? Please help me get certified as a parapro

I am changing careers, and

I am changing careers, and just looked at a few positions for Teachers Assistant which requires either 48 credit hours and/or a certification of Para-pro.  However, i find it unbelievable that the pay for such a position here in MD is approx 12.68 per hour and it is a non-benefitted position. No wonder we have such a tough time procuring high qualitypeople to help in schools.  I find it unbelievable that the pay is so horribly low.

I would like to know if there

I would like to know if there were any sites where I could take the test at home; or do I have to go to a test site?

Can I coach basketball in

Can I coach basketball in middle school with a paraprofess. Cert

I would like to know if you

I would like to know if you can give out some examples on The Paraprofessional Test especially in Reading, Writing , and Mathematics.


Amarilis Miraba

I have a bachelor's degree

I have a bachelor's degree and do administrative work -- in working in a school district, I do not work with children -- rather, the teachers, counselors, and staff members. I don't mind taking a paraprofessional certificate test; however, I truly believe this is over-doing it -- especially for "clerical" employees.

In the state of florida,

In the state of florida, either you have 60 hours of college credit or pass the ParraPro Assessment with a score above 547. No parents would want a para with no knowledge helping their child in the classroom. It"s all about the child.

Paraprofessional Certification

I am a parapro in second grade and have been for 15 years. Our school system is working out some type of agreement with a technical school to get an associates degree. We will be given a raise when we complete this. I have also been told by our state board of education (GA) that a test will be given by this technical school at the end of this month. I would like to know more about this test and requirements. Cost, how difficult, should we study, if so what do we study? I loved the point about parapros not being responsible for the education problems. :lol: Jan

Paras and Pre-K

Does anyone know how this law (No Child Left Behind) will affect Pre-K? I teach 3's and 4's in pre-k. This law has nothing to say about pre-k. :?:

Paraprofessional Training

I have been a teacher's aide for 15 years. About 8 years ago, we had a reading program called IST (Instructional Support Team). It met with alot of success, and a need was seen for a summer program that would enable the students to maintain that success. I am proud to say that it was my idea, and was met with enthusiasm by administrators when they were approached. Several things have happened, however; we now have a superintendent who seems to not like aides. He immediately made all aides Special Education Aides; there are now no aides for regular classroom teachers except for TSS Aides. Also, I could find no teachers willing to help with the program, so enlisted the assistance of another aide. Because we were attracting more students than another program ran by teachers, we were consolidated into one program. Ironically, we (NOT the teachers) were required to APPLY for the positions! In essence, we have gone from being in charge of a vital, well-recieved program to being "go-fers" within the new program. We have no input, our interaction with the children is secondary, and what we do consists of alot of busywork. My feeling is that if we are going to be required to get a degree or be tested (I should add that we have been informed that we will be required to do this), then we should not only be adequately compensated but for once treated as professionals. In our district, we are the lowest paid of all employees, below custodians and kitchen staff. While I believe they certainly should be well-paid, I feel that we should, too! I too would like to know what these tests will entail, whether they apply to all teacher's aides or only newly hired aides or Title 1 Aides, as was my understanding. I would also like to know if anyone knows of any programs which enable paraeducators to pursue an actual teaching degree, which enables us to ulitize the experience we now have and apply it toward such a degree, or any programs which have teacher training in return for a teaching commitment for a certain legnth of time. After all, with the teaching shortage, it would seem that many teacher's aides have the potential to be great teachers!

Pay increase

I am a associate and recently completed a certification course. When this was first conceived there was talk about giving everyone that was certified a raise. The budget for the schools came up short so they can't deliver on it. Also we can sub for our classroom teacher up to 3 days in a row and get teachers pay.

Paraprofessional Certification

Hay Robert My name is Troy. I am Job Coach/Developer at a high school in Phoenix Az. I was reading you posting and was wondering what classes you took to get your Certification? Please let me know. We are all feeling unsure which way to turn Re: the No Child Left Behind Law Troy

para pro test

I would like to take the test does anyone know the step by step version? [/b]

Website for Paraprofessionals Test On-line, to be Highly Qua

To whom it may concern, I would like to know the website that I would need to go on to take the Paraprofessional Test On-line before the year 2006, of January. If you could please e-mail me I would really appreciate it. My e-mail address is Thank you in advance. Have a Blessed Day!! B.Williams :)

I would like to kmow if I can

I would like to kmow if I can take the parapro online at a test center like a sylan

Re: para pro test

Cidny wrote:
I would like to take the test does anyone know the step by step version? [/b]
Hi I don't know if you have gotten any answer to your question. But My district gave us a book that has what to study, what to look for along with a pre test. It helped alot just knowing what to expect. Any other questions I would be glad to let you know the name of the books that I have tostudy from. Sorry I just found out about thhis wed site. :) :)

parapro test book

Just now starting a new career in education because my job was relocated to india. I worked for 30 years in an office setting now I'm going in a new direction. So I I was surfing to find something about this book to study to take the parapro test. If you have the book can I buy it? Also I live in Maryland, so would the same book pertain to all states?

para-pro test

i live in chicago. can you tell me where i can get the book to study for the test?