new to GA with 9yrs exp where to apply for job openings

Hello I am new to Georgia. I was a Paraprofessional in Special Education for nine years in Michigan. I live in the Jonesboro area. Does anyone know of any immediate job openings kind of close to where I live. A fourty-five minute drive or less would be nice. Thank you in advance for responding.


I too have 9 years experience

I too have 9 years experience in Connecticut and moved to GA 19 months ago. I took the Para Pro Certification test in my county, passed with a perfect score,and have awesome references and training but and have not been able to find a job. Budget cuts have really been an issue. I would try taking the para test and getting on a sub list.

I hvae 17 years of experience

I was a preschool teacher for 17 years. Now I am looking a job as a paraprofessional in GA. I have a diploma in Child Development, I have a CDA credential and Ihave passed the paraprofesssional test.

Subing in school district maybe helpful.

I know my school district will not hire a parapro if you have not subbed in the schools for at least a year.

Useful info

Generally in GA you apply at the local school board offices. I have found in my experience that once your application is completed and on file there it is helpful to find the local school websites or phone numbers of the local schools and schedule an appointment with the principals to discuss any upcoming openings. I also have found that it is helpful to email each individual principal with your information and interest in any openings. Do not expect a reply from most. The best times to expect a reply is in Sept. after school starts.....the numbers for the class sizes are in by then and they may need additional help. Or right after the Christmas holidays...where some find the experience wasn't what they expected and left their positions therefore creating new openings. Good luck in your endeavors. Persistance pays off. Parapro "down south". :lol:

Have you looked at Dekalb County...

Sagamore Hills Elementary has about 7 different Special ed classes and I am about to get a para for my son who is 10 and has autism. The Para would help the teacher but would also Help my son one on one in the more social situations. So... I know they are on the look out! Good Luck :idea: