Lost in Paraprofessional World

My Name is Cassandra and I am trying to get a job working with the Georgia School System as a Paraprofessional but I am stuck at how to get started or even where to go. I call the coleges in my area but I guess they have no idea what I am talkin about and it is really crazy to me. I even did a search online to see what school offer them in my area or online and still no luck. Can someone help me please I am lost in Paraprofessional Worl.. :(

please email me @cdwb01@gmail.com


Paraprofessional Licensing

I live in Wisconsin, and am interested in becoming a substitute teacher. I have a bachelors degree, but not certified in the education field. I would like to know how to obtain a license to become a paraprofessional substitute teacher.
Thank you.

Hi Cassandra. first thing you

Hi Cassandra. first thing you need to do is go to the Gace website and register for the Gace test in your area. here is the website that I was given.


that should help you out. if not email me!