Grievance Letter

I was told that i could not file a grievance letter against my assistant principal because i was not a certified teacher. Because i asked for the grievance documents I was told to hand in my resignation. I did not hand in my resignation and stated that i was not quitting. I have called in sick leave until the first of the year. I was wondering if i could or could not file? Since i have spoken with a Lawyer. He told me because i live in a small town that there wasn't going to be anyone that will take my case and that if a lawyer did take my case they will charge me a lot of money which i do not have. I have request to speak with the local school board yesterday and called one of the elected officials. The elected official hasn't returned my phone call. But the Superintendent called this morning leaving me a message. He stated that i will need to talk to him first before making an appointment to meet with the board. I think it is kind of funny how i finally get a returned phone call from the superintendent after i have requested a meeting with the board.