contract negotiations

I would like to hear from anyone who is in the process of negotiating a contract or has recenly negotiated one. We could use some help and ideas!


Why are we so under paid as

Why are we so under paid as paraprofessionals? Because we are considered pink collar workers. These are women who are in postions that are traditionally female dominated and are under paid for their responsibilities. Discrimination... Compare yourselves to other blue collar worker;custodial staff,ground keepers- how much do they make in your district?? Equity Pay for comparable worth positions. Aren't you as valuable as male employees in the district?? I think it is time we all band together as paraprofessionals and form some sort of support system. Any ideas??

contract negotiations

I was on our last two contract negotiating teams & we recently completed & signed our current CBA this past September 2006. Our contract has the following benefits: starting salary of $9.30/hr with $0.50/hr raise each year for the 4 years of the contract; choice of 4 health insurance plans, including prescription drug plans - health insurance benefits for new employees which require co-pay for benefits; family coverage extended to employees hired before 2002 which requires co-pay for family benefits; 10 sick days/yr; 2 emergency days/yr; 1 personal day/yr for 1-10 years of service, 2 personal days/yr for 11 or more years of service; 4 paid holidays; new grievance language which limits the time period of responses for both parties; & there are some other minor benefits (leave of absence, educational reimbursement, fair representation in meetings) which may or may not benefit you. If you want to find out what a fair & equitable rate would be for your area, investigate living wage. Living wage is the amount of money estimated to maintain a household in your area. Try Googling "living wage" & then put in your area. You will get an average of what living wage should be. It may be a help to anyone in contract negotiations.

state unemployment

How can a district take PA state unemployment from our paychecks when Pa paras can't get unemployment compensation during the summer months?


I am a para from Montana and we are negotiating our contract. We have been working without a contract since Sept. and it is not going well. One good thing is we have a great union and teacher support. We are now in mediations. We are asking to make as much as a high school graduate makes in out school district. Many of the Para's have went back to school and got their ASS degrees and the rest have passed a state test. The district can't hire any new Para's unless they have an ASS degree.We want to be paid for education the same as any other teacher in the district. They wouldn't pay a teacher a high school graduate pay, their education ensures them of a higher wage. Why not a Para's education?

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Unfair salaries

I recently went on an interview for a full-time Title I Paraprofessional in Elementary school. The starting salary was
$ 11, 553.00 with benefits but an Associates Degree was required. I do have an A.A.S. in Special Education but the salary just isn't enough to pay bills!!


The one thing we would like to ask for is more sick days. PA Law says teachers can have 10 sick days paid, so why can't we? We would also like a cost of living raise, including more money to cover the cost of how much more we need to meet the increase in our share of insurance payment.

contract negotiations

hi! I am from W. PA and our papa's (they call us personal care assistance,but have taken a test for parpa's and all passed) are also currently preparing for a new contract. i am on the neg. team. It seems that our biggest problem is that the school district does not want to pay us well for all the hard work that we do in a day. I work at a jr. high level and have an average of 8-9 students to work with in all my classes that i go into. we are ending our contract at $10 per hr. with no insurance benefits nor retirement plan from the district. does anyone know what the average rate is for our duties in pennsylvania??? HELP


I am not sure what area all of you work in, but feel blessed! In the Williamsport area, we are only making $7.20 an hour, 5 sick days, 3 personal days, have dental but it doesn't cover anything, and offered two different health at a cost. Of course in the summer months we are without pay all together because we are off the same days as the children. What can I do to try and get the pay in our school more comparable to yours?

I am from Western PA also and

I am from Western PA also and we just signed our contract.  We pay 50% of our health insurance  and make $13.22 an hour.  Other schools in our area make $10 something an hour but get full benefits.  We are the only school in the area that has to pay for half of our benefits.  We do have a retirement plan.  Every para is paid the same no matter how long you have worked there or what you do.  Hope this helped.

I am also from Western PA and

I am also from Western PA and we pay 50% of our health coverage as well. Our salaries are a little higher than ours but not by much. We are in our 6th month of contract negotations with our contracting expiring on June 30th. Our District has given our teachers a very fair increase in salary and our administrators also got a hefty salary retro to last year and are expecting another for this year. Now our District asys they cannot afford to give us any salary increase let alone health coverage. Many para's entire paychecks go to health coverage and now we have no hopes of getting anything more. Our District still treats us like "glorified babysitters"! We have no retirement benefits and very little life insurance. What would they do without us???? God only knows!