advice on seeking parapro position in Dekalb County or Atlanta Public Schools

Hi, I was hoping someone may be able to shed some insight on becoming a parapro in Atlanta. I have an associates in Teacher Education and am currently working on my bachelors for Middle Grades with a concentration in Math and Reading. I am considering exchanging my current job as a server for a job in a school to familiarize myself with my future position as a teacher. My main concerns are A.) Will I be paid for 12 months per year? B.) Are parapros eligible for the same health benefits as teachers? C.) Are most schools flexible with a student schedule? (i.e. the chance I may have to take a weekday class, in case there is not night class availability) D.) Would a parapro position meet my student teaching requirements, the same as an associate teacher position would? Thank you for any input anyone might have, it is greatly appreciated, while I'm trying to weigh the benefit of taking a more structured day job, while having to pay for childcare or keeping my job as a server, with essentially the same wages, but working nights and not having to pay for childcare. So much to consider... Part of me is ready for a change and structured schedule, but part of me says keep your eye on the prize and continue serving tables until I earn my teacher certification


I will be completing my

I will be completing my bachelor's degree in sociology at the end of july this year.  What  additionally training or courses can I take to become a certified or more qualified paraprofessional.