Conference Schedule

Oh the Mountains We Can Climb

General Schedule

Below is a general outline for our schedule for our 2018 schedule. You can also check out the schedule from a past conference or view some of the presentations from past conference here and here .

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Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Thursday, April 26st, 2018
4:00-7:30PM Registration
4:30-7:30PM Leadership Networking Session
Friday, April 27th, 2018
7:00AM–5:00PM Registration
7:15-8:30AM Buffet Breakfast
7:00AM-6:30PM Exhibits
8:00–9:45AM Introduction, Welcome
Logistics, Introduction of LAC, General Session: Washington State Paraeducator Certificates by PESB
9:45-10:00AM Break
10:00AM-11:30AM Session 1
Paraeducator Practices in One State: Implications for Policy
Presenter: Sarah Douglas
Session 2
Work Shouldn't Hurt - Creating a Pain Free Environment
Presenters: Lauren Samet, Jessica Sims
Session 3
Social Justice Training
Presenters: Lisa Jennings, Hasheen Wilson
Session 4
Supporting Positive Student Behavior Through PBIS
Presenter: Lori Lynass
Session 5
Building Effective Teams
Presenters: Kent Gerlach
Session 6
Question and Answer Session on the Washington State Paraeductor Certificates
Panel: Jack Busbee, Alexandra Manuel, Jonelle Adams, Cathy Smith
11:30AM-1:00PM LUNCH (On Your Own)
1:00-2:30PM Session 7
Educating the Whole Student! It Takes a Village!
Presenters: Doreen McGuire-Grigg, Robert Browning
Session 8
The Importance of Education Ethics to ESPs
Presenters: Audrey Haskell and Patty Barrette
Session 9
Ten High Impact Instructional Strategies to Increase Academic Performance and Promote Student Independence
Presenter: Margaret MacDonald
Session 10
The Comprehensive Training Opportunities for Paraeducator (Co-TOP) Model
Presenter: Ritu Chopra
Session 11
Providing Effective Financial Support to Paraprofessionals (Repeated Saturday 3:00-4:30 PM)
Presenters: Gwenda Cuesta, Patricia Camacho
Session 12
Cultural Responsive Training in School Communities
Presenters: Celena Austin and Gwendolyn Jimerson
2:30-3:00PM Break
3:00-4:30PM Session 13
Doing the Math! Effective Paraeducator PD to Strengthen Instructional Practices in Elementary Mathematics (Repeated Saturday 3:00-4:30)
Presenter: Karen Mutch-Jones
Session 14
Paraeducator Training Curricula – Current Strengths and Challenges with Available Materials
Presenter: Sarah Douglas
Session 15
Tricks, Tips, and Modifications (Repeated Saturday 1:00-2:30)
Presenters: Tina Pizzitola, Holly Fitzgerald
Session 16
The Trauma-Informed Paraeducator
Presenter: Will Henson
Session 17
Presenter: TBA
Session 18
How to Create a State Wide Initiative to Support and Enhance Paraducator Professional Development
Panel: Jonelle Adams, Lucinda Young, Doug Nelson, Alex Manuel, Cathy Smith
Session 19
To What Degree are Institutions of Higher Education Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Supervise and Manage Paraeducators?: Preliminary Results of a National Survey
Presenters: Emily Sobeck, Ritu Chopra, Sarah Douglas, Stephanie Morano
Session 20
Bullying:The What,Who and Why. Understanding and Responding.
Presenter: Ashleigh Molloy
5:00-6:30PM Reception
Saturday, April 28th, 2018
7:00AM–5:00PM Registration
7:15-8:30AM Buffet Breakfast
7:00AM-5:00PM Exhibits
8:00-9:45AM Introductions and Welcome
Keynote: Mandy Manning
9:45-10:00AM Break
10:00AM-11:30AM Session 21
Reflections,Lessons, and Setbacks: What Paraeducators Need Now
Presenter: Kent Gerlach
Session 22
Implementing Behavior Intervention Plans: How Can Special Education Teachers Better Support Paraeducators?
Presenter: Emily Sobeck, Rachel Robertson
Session 23
Using Play to Teach EVERY Child
Presenter: Kristin Rossi
Session 24
Presenter: TBA
Session 25
Creating Digital Materials (Repeated Sunday 10:00-11:30)
Presenter: Chris Macfarlane
Session 26
Taking a Stand: Creating a Safe School for LGBTQ Students
Presenter: Joseph Bento, Frank Burger
Session 27
Deafblind Interveners: Building a Profession
Presenters:Linda Alsop, Marilyn Likins
Session 28
Professional Growth Continuum
Presenters: Debby Chandler, Mary Ann Rivera
Session 29
The Cafeteria as Classroom: Cultivating Cafeteria Environments that Promote Healthy Eating
Presenters: Mardi Solomon, Holly O’Neil
11:30 AM-1:00PM LUNCH (On Your Own)
Session 30
Autism: What it Means to Us, What it Means to Them
Presenter: Vanessa Tucker
Session 31
Bridging Quality Education through Assistive Technology
Presenters: Katie Olson, Levi Benner
Session 32
Tricks, Tips, and Modifications (Repeated Friday 3:00-4:30)
Presenters: Tina Pizzitola, Holly Fitzgerald
Session 33
Teaching Students to Read; the Paraeducators Role
Presenter: TBA
Session 34
Communication Strategies for Teacher/Paraeducator Teams
Presenters: Jean Fay, Saul Ramos
Session 35
Ohio Partnership for Excellence in Paraprofessional Preparation: A Model for District Improvement
Presenters: Judith Monseur, Barbara Phillips, Valerie Robb
Session 36
Diversity: Reacting to Differences
Presenters: Lisa Jennings, Hasheen Wilson
Session 37
Presenter: TBA
Session 38
Fighting the Privatization of Paraeducators Through Meeting the Needs of the Whole Student
Presenters: Connie Boylan, Frank Burger
2:30-3:00PM Break
Session 39
Doing the Math! Effective Paraeducator PD to Strengthen Instructional Practices in Elementary Mathematics (Repeated Friday at 3:00-4:30)
Presenter: Karen Mutch-Jones
Session 40
Providing Effective Financial Support to Paraprofessionals (Repeated Friday 1:00-2:30)
Presenters: Gwenda Cuesta, Patricia Camacho
Session 41
Building Bridges
Presenter: Audrey Haskell
Session 42
Managing Tantrum/Meltdown Behaviors
Presenter: Paul Bates
Session 43
Communication Strategies for Working with Learners with Multiple Disabilities and Severe Communication Challenges
Presenter: Linda Alsop
Session 44
Strategies for Preventing Problem Behavior
Presenter: Emily Sobeck Megan Reister
Session 45
Training for Paraeducators Working with ELLs is a Sound Investment for Everyone
Presenters: Shawn Pennell, Toni Rader
Session 46
The Paraeducator Guide to IEPs and 504 Plans
Presenters:  Amy Wambolt, Leslie Lindberg-Harper
Session 47
ESSA Two Years in: How Paraeducators Can Still Affect Change
Presenter: Tim Barchak
5:00-9:00PM Special Event
Sunday, April 29th, 2018
7:00AM-8:30AM Registration
7:15-8:30AM Buffet Breakfast
7:00AM-2:00PM Exhibits
8:00-9:45AM Welcome: Susan Enfield. General Session: Panel: The Take Away
9:45-10:00AM Break
Session 48
Promoting Independence for Students with 1:1 Paraeducators
Presenter: Vanessa Tucker
Session 49
Youth Suicide Prevention
Presenter: Mark Niezgoda
Session 50
Creating Digital Materials (Repeated Saturday 10:00-11:30)
Presenter: Christine Macfarlane
Session 51
Behavior Strategies for Paraeducators
Presenter: Will Henson
Session 52
Taking the Lead - Advocating for Self as a Paraeducator
Presenters: Carie Sauders, Debby Chandler
Session 53
Understanding Bullying and Sexual Harassm
Presenters: Fran Bellingser, Richard Richardson
11:30-11:45AM Break
11:45-12:15PM Closing and Raffle