Work Shouldn't Hurt - Creating a Pain Free Environment

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Work Shouldn't Hurt - Creating a Pain Free Environment




Work Shouldn’t Hurt Our workday at school should be pain free. Work should not hurt. There may be accidents that occur at work that cause painful injuries, but there should not be repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). Repetitive strain injuries occur when a workers muscles, joints and connective tissues are overtaxed from routine, frequent and hazardous movements at work. There was a time, not long ago that workers considered musculo-skeletal injuries (sprains and strains) as just part of the job. They are not and should not be! Paraprofessionals and other school employees have been found to have high rates of back, shoulder and neck injuries. The constant bending, twisting, pushing and lifting that paraprofessionals do in our schools on a daily basis can manifest itself through pain. However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent “The hurt of work” and prevent injures. This workshop will help show how to make the work fit the worker and not make the worker fit the job.