Promoting Independence for Students with 1:1 Paraeducators

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Promoting Independence for Students with 1:1 Paraeducators




Despite schools’ best efforts, there are limited opportunities for students with disabilities as they grow into adulthood due to their inability to function independently. This deficit is often a result of staff unknowingly helping too much and not creating a path by which the individual could better function on their own. This highly interactive workshop explores research based strategies to enhance independence and remove limits to student potential. Having been a teacher himself, Patrick directly speaks to the practical in-classroom application of these strategies. Key discussion points will be about starting with the right mindset, effectively using the prompt hierarchy, creating a culture of common understanding in the classroom, and user friendly resources that will help kids do more on their own. This is a much needed topic that we rarely give ourselves permission to discuss, but has a long term impact on student outcomes. This is a workshop people will be discussing and referencing for years to come.