Paras, You were born under a "Wandering Star"!

Session Title

Paras, You were born under a "Wandering Star"!




This session will teleport Para-educators to a wandering star. The definition of star, as a “luminous point in the night sky” aptly describes our own Sun. The Sun as a body provides both light and heat to planet Earth, similar to the Para-educator role in their relationships with students. Wandering is also a part of the Para-educator life. It is defined as being (itinerant). Para-educators work in a state of flux in both their placement and individual assignments. This facet will be examined. Participants in this session will leave seeing themselves as skilled, uniquely individual, and similar to the character Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rey, used the Lightsaber to fight for justice similar to Para-educators advocacy for their students. Participants in this star-studded presentation will feel empowered with the strategy filled tool kit provided, honored to be a Para-educator as they work in the creation of being a dedicated Jedi of the Light Side of the Force. The presentation will Beam You Up!... May the Force be with you!