Managing Tantrum/Meltdown Behaviors

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Managing Tantrum/Meltdown Behaviors




This workshop will examine the tantrum/melt-down behaviors of students diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum and methods of identifying and dealing with each situation. The participants will learn how to differentiate between the tantrum and the melt-down, what causes theses behaviors, and how they should be approached in each situation and why. Psychologists agree that identifying these two behaviors is possible and that with training, paraeducators in the classroom and in one-on-one assignments can learn to read the student and respond accordingly. Participants will learn how to effectively deal with melt-downs that often lead to self-injurious behavior and guide the student away from unsafe behaviors. By utilizing positive strategies for managing and eliminating hard to control behavior, the paraprofessional will learn how to create a safe classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning.