Effective Strategies for Small Group Instruction

Session Title

Effective Strategies for Small Group Instruction


Katie Olson


In this session we will introduce a simple but powerful mini-lesson template that Paraeducators could use to help support targeted learning objectives from lead teacher's lesson plans. We will work through each step: Creating a Mini-lesson topic, detailing specific materials needed for the lesson, how the mini-lesson is connected to the lead teacher's lesson plan, explicit instruction, guided practice ideas, forms of independent practice and reflection. We will also investigate particular instructional strategies that could be helpful in small groups such as: sitting placement, directionality of instruction, clarity with word choice consistent with lead teacher, environment setting, etc. Next, we will review a few creative activities that engage learners and keep them focused to increase comprehension. Finally, we will have participants go through this whole process to have a completed work sample to go home with!!!
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