Educating the Whole Student! It Takes a Village!

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Educating the Whole Student! It Takes a Village!




As educators, we know the importance of educating the whole student and the critical role that paraeducators play in this process. This session will examine the five tenets of the whole student philosophy - Healthy, Safe, Supported, Engaged, Challenged - and how paraeducators, teachers, and administrators can work together for student success. Paraeducators are active team members who provide assistance with instruction, classroom management, and other direct services to students and their families. Most paraeducators live in the community in which they work making them crucial to connecting the school and the community. In this session, we will explore ways to work through conflict by communicating and collaborating with each other in a variety of ways. We will have group thought, discussion and activities on the following topics: - Whole Student Philosophy - Finding your Why - Teamwork - Communication - Collaboration This interactive learning experience will benefit participants by showing them that they meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of all students.