Creating Digital Materials

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Creating Digital Materials




Universal design, accommodations, and modifications are all words used to describe various levels of support provided to individuals on 504 plans and IEPs. This session will examine the development of digital materials to support learner involvement in general and special education classrooms. Paraprofessionals often provide direct support to learners who need digital materials and/or tools in order to participate in and complete assignments and activities in the classroom. The purpose of this session will be to outline when it is appropriate and necessary to use digital materials and tools and how to actually create or select appropriate tools. This session would be particularly helpful for paraprofessionals who provide 1:1 support of a student in an inclusive setting or under the direction of a classroom teacher or therapist could create digital materials for use in the classroom. I will demonstrate accessibility tools and provide examples of materials development such as audiobooks, electronic books, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and visual supports using readily available software and basic computer options.