Communication Strategies for Teacher/Paraeducator Teams

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Communication Strategies for Teacher/Paraeducator Teams




Successful communication is the key to successful relationships. In this high energy and interactive session participants will learn why good communication is so important to the success of teacher/paraeducator teams. Beginning with a historical view of communication, the session will trace the origins of communication to modern means of communicating. The different styles of communication will be covered, with an emphasis on knowing your own style and that of your teammates to improve and enhance the strength of the educational team. The "Joyful Classroom " concept will be discussed, and participants will learn how improved communication creates a joyful and harmonious learning environment for students, which leads to greater student success. Session activities will give participants the opportunity to practice communication strategies so that they will leave the session confident that they will be able to put all they've learned into practice. Communication pitfalls will be covered, along with tips on how to avoid them as well as what to do when there is a communication breakdown.Participants will leave the session with a communication toolkit that will enable them to be successful communicators, both in and out of the classroom.