Bullying:The What,Who and Why. Understanding and Responding.

Session Title

Bullying:The What,Who and Why. Understanding and Responding.


Dr. Ashleigh Molloy


Participants will be introduced to the characteristics of bullying and cyber-bullying.Research that is evidence based will be referenced explaining the various roles in the bullying process and the key role of the intervener. The session will explore the support necessary to assist students who are bullied.Students who bully also require support. Strategies to provide positive ways to change their behaviour will be outlined. Participants will learn how to create a safe learning environment through designing a plan that is proactive with identified outcomes of addressing bullying. Fairness to all students involved in a bullying incident must be transparent to all parties by promoting a code of expected behavioural outcomes designed with the input of students,parents and staff. The session will include dramatic role plays,case studies and group discussions. Bullying is a complex and critical issue in education.It affects students at all ages and in different ways.Participants will leave with a tool box of strategies that builds their knowledge of bullying which will in turn improve their confidence as a change agent.