2015 Conference Schedule

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
4:00-7:30PM Registration - 3rdfloor foyer
4:30-7:30PM Leadership Networking Session - Hartford Commons
Thursday, April 16th, 2015
7:00AM–5:00PM Registration- 3rdfloor foyer
7:15-8:30AM Continental Breakfast - Hilton Grand Ballroom Foyer
7:00AM-9:00PM Exhibits - 2nd and 3rd Floor Foyers
8:00–9:45AM Introduction and Welcome
General Session: Outstanding Paraeducators: Excellence Here, There, and Everywhere! - Hilton Grand Ballroom
9:45-10:00AM Break
10:00AM-11:30AM Session 1:
Tips from Teachers: Working with Paraeducators
Presenter: Sarah Douglas
Session 2:
Defining Roles and the Necessary Skills for the 21st Century Paraeducator
Presenters: Mindy Speichler, Cecelia Loughlin
Session 3:
Review of Paraeducator Curriculum
Presenter: Denise Uitto
Session 4:
Standards Based Paraeducator Evaluation
Presenter: Marilyn Iverson
Session 5:
Personality and College Success: What's the Connection?
Presenter: Thalia Moshoyannis-Thompson
Session 6:
Supporting Secondary Literacy
Presenter: MaryJo Terranova
11:30AM-1:00PM LUNCH (On Your Own)
Session 7:
Using Constructive Listening Skills to Manage Difficult Conversations
Presenter: Bill Howe
Session 8:
Lessons And Reflections, Accomplishments and Setbacks: What is needed now to support and advocate for Paraeducators and their Supervisors
Presenter: Kent Gerlach
Session 9:
Partnerships for Comprehensive, Systematic and Sustainable Professional Development and Supervision of Paraprofessionals
Presenter: Ritu Chopra
Session 10:
Paraeducators Social Power: Skills That Support a Community
Presenter: Mary Hull
Session 11:
Facilitating Meaningful Friendships Through Peer-Led Inclusion
Presenters: Laura McLelland, Sarah Tomek
Session 12:
Early Intervention: Unlocking the mind of ASD Students
Presenter: Paul Bates
2:30-3:00PM Break
Session 13:
Learning by Looking Back: Feedback Completes the Learning Loop
Presenters: Jill Morgan, Betty Y. Ashbaker
Session 14:
Partnerships: A Quality Classroom Stems from Teachers and Paraprofessionals Working together in Collaboration!
Presenter: Nancy Moretti
Session 15:
Assistive Technology to Support Students with Autism and Intellectual Disability: What Every Paraeducator Should Know
Presenter: Nicole Natale
Session 16:
The Paraeducator-Parent Connection
Presenters: Regina Moreno, Lisa Elliot
Session 17:
Evaluation of the Paraprofessional in Autism Resource and Achievement Project (PARA-PRO)
Presenters: Teresa Cogar, Taryn Goodwin
Session 18:
Progress Monitoring in the Classroom: Easier Than You Think!
Presenter: Kit Giddings
Session 19:
Helping vs. Hovering: When Paraeducators Work with Students
Presenters: Anthony Brisson, Michelle LeBrun-Griffin
5:00-6:30PM Reception (Drinks and Hot Appetizers Served)
Hilton Grand Ballroom Foyer
Friday, April 17th, 2015
7:00AM–5:00PM Registration - 3rdfloor foyer
7:15-8:30AM Continental Breakfast - Hilton Grand Ballroom Foyer
7:00AM-6:30PM Exhibits - 2nd and 3rd Floor Foyers
8:00-9:45AM Introductions and Welcome
Keynote Speaker: George Sugai
'Positive Behavior Supports: Catchin' 'em Early, Positively, and Frequently'
9:45-10:00AM Break
10:00AM-11:30 AM
Session 20:
Making Paraeducators a Respected Profession in your State - One State's Efforts
Presenters: Doug Nelson, Kent Gerlach and Panel from Washington State: Reen Doser, Britta Dionne, Jean Sarcletti, Maria Pittson
Session 21:
Improving Students' Social-Emotional Outcomes Through Effective Teacher-Paraeducator Collaboration
Presenters: Tina N. Barnes, Christina Crowe
Session 22:
Investing in Paraeducator Instructional Capacity
Presenters: Cara Olson-Sawyer, Regina Moreno
Session 23:
"I do as much as any Teacher" - Role Conflict Among Educators
Presenter: Diane Berger
Session 24:
Sharing and Learning from Paraeducators Around the World
Presenters: Betty Ashbaker, Jill Morgan, Elizabeth Tatum
Session 25:
The Power of Learning with Wonder
Presenter: Rachel Wenner, Mary Hull
Session 26:
Navigating the Labyrinth of Constant Change
Presenter: Ashleigh Molloy
Session 27:
Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Classroom: 5 Tools You Can Use Tomorrow
Presenter: Christine Peck
Session 28:
Supporting Math Instruction
Presenter: Donna Morelli
11:30 AM-1:00PM LUNCH (On Your Own)
Session 29:
Developing a Multicultural Curriculum -Part 1
(Part 2 -Session #37)
Presenter: Bill Howe
Session 30:
Deafblind Interveners: Building a Profession
Presenters: Linda Alsop, Marilyn Likins
Session 31:
MN Paraeducators' Perceptions of the Barriers to Becoming Licensed Special Education Teachers
Presenter: Joni Burris
Session 32:
Supporting Indigenous Paraprofessionals
Presenter: Katie Olson
CANCELED Session 33:
The Eyes Have It! How Strong Visual Motor Integration Equals Handwriting Success! - Part One
(Part 2 -Session #42)
Presenter: Lisa Burton
Session 34:
Tricks, Tips, and Modifications
Presenters: Holly Fitzgerald, Tina Pizzitola
Session 35:
History of Paraeducation
Presenter: Anna Lou Pickett
2:30-3:00PM Break
3:00-4:30PM Session 36:
Developing a Multicultural Curriculum - Part Two
(Part 1 -Session #29)
Presenter: Bill Howe
Session 37:
The Role of Paraeductors in a PBIS School
Presenters: Christine Peck, Tracey Lamothe
Session 38:
Talking About Collaboration: Cogenerative Dialoguing and the teacher-Paraeducator Team
Presenter: Elizabeth Tatum
Session 39:
Paraedcators and Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities
Presenter: Lisa Fiano
Session 40:
Collaborative and Participatory Approach to Creating and Embedding Standards for Quality Preparation for Early Intervention and Early Childhood Paraprofessionals
Presenter: Ritu Chopra
CANCELED Session 41:
The Eye's Have It! How Strong Visual Motor Integration Equals Handwriting Success! -Part 2
(Part 1 -Session 34)
Presenter: Lisa Burton
Session 42:
Student Learning Styles and Implications for Teaching
Presenter: Joanna Badara
Session 43:
Math Instruction and the Common Core -- How to Help your Students Master the Content!
Presenter: Clare Wurm
Saturday, April 18th, 2015
7:00AM-8:30AM Registration - 3rd floor foyer
7:15-8:30AM Continental Breakfast - Hilton Grand Ballroom Foyer
7:00AM-2:00PM Exhibits - 2nd and 3rd Floor Foyers
8:00-9:45AM General Session:
'Paraeducators: Educating the Whole Student'
9:45-10:00AM Break
Session 44:
Responding to Challenging Behaviors K-12 -- Part One
(Part 2 -Session 51)
Presenters: Maxine B. Mosley, Sharon Sparks
Session 45:
Current Practices and Barriers of Training Paraeducators Who work with Elementary Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Inclusive Settings: The results of a Paraeducator Training Survey
Presenter: Emily Sobeck
Session 46:
Elements of Effective Teaching: Examining Basic Instructional Strategies
Presenters: Regina Moreno, Lisa Elliot, Caitlan Freese
Session 47:
Knowing your Strengths to Foster Collaboration
Presenters: Anthony Brisson, Michelle LeBrun-Griffin
Session 48:
Reinforcing Instruction with iPad Apps
Presenters: Tina Pizzitola, Holly Fitzgerald
Session 49:
Promoting Young Children's Social and Emotional Competence
Presenter: Anne Marie Davidson
11:30-11:45AM Break
Session 50:
Responding to Challenging Behaviors K-12 -- Part One
(Part 1 -Session 45)
Presenters: Maxine B. Mosley, Sharon Sparks
Session 51:
Registered Behavior Technician Credential - A New Opportunity for Paraeducators
Presenter: Christine Peck
Session 52:
Promoting Positive Social Skills During Lunch and Recess
Presenter: Mary Hull
Session 53:
The Do's and Don'ts of Copyright
Presenter: Kit Giddings
Session 54:
Inside Inclusion: Methods of Co-Teaching
Presenter: Paul Bates