Classroom Management for Paraeducators ~ What can I do?

Session Title

Classroom Management for Paraeducators ~ What can I do?


Janice Reese
April Strumpf


The objectives of this session include describing the characteristics of classroom management and behavior management, identifying causes of disruptive behavior, identifying strategies to decrease disruptive behavior and practicing strategies to respond to disruptive behavior. Seventeen instructional and behavioral strategies will be demonstrated by facilitators and/or participants; other strategies will be discussed as well. Using multiple resources, such as Fred Jones “Tools for Teaching”, Nicholas Long “Conflict in the Classroom”, Jon Saphier “The Skillful Teacher”, Jane Bluestein “The Win-Win Classroom”, as well as twenty-five years of combined professional experience, this presentation encompasses discipline vs. management, positive consequences, proactive practices, surface management, relationship building, routine, time management, expectations, consistency, “magic sentences”, and mobility. Participants will have opportunities to reflect and share best practices from their own experiences. Due to the interactive nature of this presentation, active involvement will enhance this informative and thought provoking session.