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Where and When is the 2014 National Paraeducator Conference?

We’ve heard from numerous individuals including paraeducators, state superintendents, state and district directors and university/community college personnel regarding next year’s NRCP national conference. In light of the current economic situation and with the next round of federal cuts looming, the NRCP has determined it will not hold a 2014 National Conference. While we do our best to keep conference registration costs at a minimum, the amount required to sponsor the conference can be significant. Because we rely on conference attendance to help defer costs and based on feedback we received at last year’s (2013) conference, attendees were concerned that cutbacks would prevent them from attending. We decided to error on the side of caution!

Now for the good news! One of our goals at the NRCP is to disseminate information regarding national issues, share research results as well as developments at the national, state and local level. We are excited to announce that the NRCP will be offering 3 webinars during the 2013-2014 school year based on key paraeducator hiring, training and supervision issues. It is our intent to stay connected with you through a series of cost effective webinars. The NRCP is in the process of developing these webinars and we are targeting mid-November as a possible date. Check back for additional information in terms of topics and registration.

More great news--the NRCP Conference is heading to Connecticut spring of 2015!! We are excited to be working with Connecticut again. If you attended the 2013 Conference in Salt Lake City you know Connecticut was well represented! Mark your calendars now and check back for the Call for Papers which will be posted early spring 2014.

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2013 Conference!

Check out some of the presentations from last year's conference!

Thanks to all who attended our 2013 NRC Paraeducator Conference!

We had some amazing Keynote Speakers as well as great break-out sessions. Participants provided very positive feedback and felt that their time was well spent. Many were excited to take home valuable information that could be implemented and shared with others.

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