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Hi, my name is Terri, I have just completed the Paraprofessional Training Course, and the school where I work at now as "The Baker" had a job posted for a Paraprofessional until July 3rd. I am expecting to get a call for an interview soon. What questions should I expect to be asked? What would be good questions for me to ask? Any other help, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Paraprofessional Unions or unions that support paras

I am a paraprofessional and belong to the teachers union group and they are now negotiating both of our contracts. They did a fact finding presentation comparing our teachers benefits, salaries, etc., with other area teachers. I am looking for any paraprofessional union or union which supports the paras in and around the Scranton, PA area to compare our benefits, working conditons, salaries, etc.

I am told there are none in the area.

Thank you!

paraprofessional unions or unions that support paras

sorry, we do not have a union at the school where I work. I think Brandywine School Dist. and or Gov. Mifflin might if you can find someone at one of those schools. They are in Berks Co. Not sure if that will help you.
Good Luck

I am told there are none in

I am told there are none in the area.